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Coverage For Your Prized Assets

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Coverage For Your Prized Assets

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Motorcycle Insurance in Alberta, Canada 

Alberta offers a tremendous natural environment for motorcyclists to enjoy. Whether you use your bike(s) to get to and from work or own yours simply for the pleasure of it all, you probably know how much of an investment your motorcycle is. Motorcycle riders need insurance in Alberta before they are allowed to get out and hit the open road. It’s not only provincial law (per Alberta’s Insurance Act), but it also protects your peace of mind while you’re out and about.  

Sharp Insurance is more than ready to serve you. We offer comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Alberta for affordable prices. 

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What Does Motorcycle Insurance in Alberta Cover? 

Like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance in Alberta is mandatory. To operate your bike on public roadways, a standard motorcycle insurance policy covers the below: 

Third-party liability

Protects you if you cause injury to others or their property. 

Direct compensation

Covers physical damages to your motorcycle when not at-fault or partially at-fault in a collision.

Accident benefits

Accident benefits coverage provides coverage for you and your family if you are injured or killed in an accident.

Optional Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Collision coverage

This insurance coverage protects you financially due to damages from a collision.

Comprehensive coverage

If your motorcycle is damaged because of an insurable peril not related to a collision, comprehensive coverage covers the cost of repairs or replacement.

Specified perils coverage

This coverage protects your motorcycle from specific risks, such as losses due to fire, hail damage, flood or theft.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost in Alberta? 

Like with car insurance, motorcycle insurance depends on your risk — both your risk as a rider and your motorcycle. While the cost of a motorcycle insurance policy in Alberta can vary widely, there are many factors that can affect your insurance rate.  


What Factors Impact Your Motorcycle Insurance Rates? 

When the snow melts and the road opens up for riding, you’re likely not thinking about your insurance rate. So, it’s important to find a rate before you head out to feel the wind on your face and the gravel under your wheels.  

But what determines your motorcycle premium? The following factors impact your rate, including: 

  • Make, model, age and condition of your ride 
  • Driving record 
  • Age, gender, driving experience – gender statistics for motorcycle rates often consider the high rate of male motorcyclist accidents versus female
  • Location: High crime rates often result in higher rates 
  • Eligibility for rate discounts 

Alberta auto insurance rates are rising, including motorcycle insurance rates. Knowing how your rates are calculated is half the battle to knowing how to save. Want a more accurate estimate of your motorcycle insurance rate? Get a free online motorcycle insurance quote in Alberta through Sharp Insurance today. 

Alberta Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

Rather than spend all your time learning about motorcycle insurance in Alberta: how to get it, what it costs and more, discuss your insurance coverage options with a Sharp Insurance broker to save time and money.  

The standard motorcycle insurance coverages include third-party liability insurance, accident benefit and direct compensation. If you want additional coverage, consult with a Sharp broker for impeccable service and better rates.  

Not all insurance companies will offer the same enhanced coverage and, depending on your situation, you might not be eligible for all enhanced options. However, you may have the choice to purchase optional coverage, including collision and comprehensive insurance and more.  

What’s best for someone else may not be best for you for motorcycle insurance. Sharp Insurance has access to multiple, top-rated insurance markets in Alberta and is more than ready to get you insured with an insurance plan to hit the road with peace of mind. Get a free online motorcycle insurance quote now. 

At Sharp, you can submit your insurance claims a few ways. You can call your broker, call your insurance provider directly or even use our online web portal. A claims representative will be assigned to your case to guide you through the process. 

Your motorcycle can be damaged or stolen while parked or stored during the wintertime, so a reduced insurance coverage plan during the low season may be wise. Comprehensive coverage can insure your vehicle against non-collision damages, including covering you if your motorcycle is stolen. We recommend you speak to a Sharp broker about your situation and your motorcycle to get the best advice.  

Sharp Insurance for Alberta Motorcyclists 

The freedom of owning and riding a motorbike is like nothing else. At Sharp Insurance, we understand how important that freedom is to you. That’s why Alberta riders choose us to help them find the best insurance coverage to keep them focused on the road ahead.  

Get a free online motorcycle insurance quote in Alberta today. Thanks to our trusted insurance partners, we’re confident that we have what it takes to get you the coverage you need. 

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