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What We Offer as an Insurance Brokerage Serving Grande Prairie

If you’re a resident of Grande Prairie, you likely have a variety of needs when it comes to insuring your valuables and investments. You may be a weekend warrior and spend every week on the road in your RV – or you’ve put money into buying your first home in the suburbs.

Whether you rent a bachelor apartment or own a mansion by the water, you still need insurance rates that work with your budget. That’s why it’s important to select an insurance policy that doesn’t deplete your bank account balance; it should give you the protection you need and want.

It’s not an option to skimp on adequate protection. This is where we come in – our brokers are advisors that understand the insurance industry, so you don’t have to.

Is Insurance Mandatory in Grande Prairie?‎

While basic car insurance is mandatory, you’ll also want insurance for your home, condo, apartment, and other investments. Why take the risk of going without adequate protection? We can’t predict the losses you’ll have but we can help you find the right insurance coverage when you need it the most.

What insurance coverage do you need in Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is known for a high number of weather hazards, including wind and hail, which has led to an increase in home and auto claims over the years. Situated in Northwestern Alberta, our brokers service 63,100 residents for home, auto, condo, tenant insurance, and more.

How to get the Best Business Insurance in Grande Prairie

The best way to get great business insurance in Grande Prairie is for business owners to stay current on what’s covered in a business policy, including the common types of insurance available.

What are the Common Types of Business Insurance in Grande Prairie?

If you own a business in Grande Prairie, you’ll need a range of insurance coverage options. As a business owner you have enough on your mind; you don’t need to worry about a client suing you for a slip and fall or an internet breach that could cost you thousands of dollars.

A balance between the proper coverage and a great price is key. Our insurance brokers guide you to make the right decisions for you and your business in any industry. There are 7 types of common business insurance.

7 Types of Business Insurance:

Professional Liability

This coverage helps you if you get sued and provides you with financial assistance.

Property Damage

This coverage protects you from losing money after a loss to your business property and items, including your furniture, computers, and other expensive items.

Commercial General Liability

If you unintentionally damage a visitor’s items or if they get hurt at your business, this insurance coverage will provide financial help.

Equipment Breakdown

Mechanical or electrical failures happen. This coverage helps you pay for repairs or replaces new equipment.

Business Interruption

If a flood causes your business to close, this coverage will help you pay for items, including staff salaries and the heating bills.

Cyber Liability

Cyberattack or data breach protection is available with this type of coverage.

Commercial Auto

This helps you pay for any damage to vehicles used for work purposes.

What to Know Before Buying Insurance in Grande Prairie‎

As a policyholder, the variety of insurance options can be overwhelming, so it pays to shop around for different policies and competitive rates. Depending on the type of insurance you choose, you’ll want to pick out loss settlement, policy limits, and specific coverage details.

You can’t glaze over your policy details, but you can get help translating the insurance lingo when you need it. Our brokers take often complex insurance lingo and turn it into something easy for you to understand.

What is a Loss Settlement Option?

You have insurance for your hard earned belongings, but what happens if you have an insured loss? It’s hard to know how much money you’ll be reimbursed. A foolproof way to have an estimate of the amount you’ll get back is your loss settlement option.

A loss settlement option is the money your insurer pays you after your claim is settled. You can choose from the actual cash value, replacement cost, or agreed value options at the time you set up your policy. These 3 options apply to all types of insurance you buy – from your home to your car insurance and everything in between.

3 Loss Settlement Options:

Agreed Cash Value

Also called the “fair market value,” or the purchase price minus depreciation. Actual cash value generally has a lower premium than the replacement cost option.

Replacement Cost

It will cover the cost of replacement, up to a certain amount.

Agreed Value

This is generally for specialty items like a classic car, artwork, or jewelry collection where the payout value is agreed upon beforehand and that’s what will be paid out.

How to Get Cheap Insurance in Grande Prairie

Everyone wants to save money. Whether you rush to the local gas station when gas prices are cheap or buy a half-price burger for a week – we all have our ways to get a good deal. Save money on your insurance rates by following some of our tried and tested tips.

10 ways to lower your insurance bill
  • Submit a claim only if you can’t pay out-of-pocket
  • Bundle & save (auto and home policies)
  • You may not need comprehensive insurance for an older car
  • Set a higher deductible, if it’s affordable
  • Install winter tires and notify your insurer
  • Avoid gaps in your insurance history
  • Cut down on your daily commute, or carpool to work
  • Research before you buy a new home or car (crime/claim rate, proximity to emergency services)
  • Maintain a healthy credit rating
  • Keep a clean driving record

If you don’t want to call around, we’ll do the dirty work for you. Call one of our trusted advisors for help, at your convenience.

What is a Policy Limit

When you set up your insurance policy, you can set your policy limits. A policy limit is the set amount of money that your insurance company will pay you or a third party after a loss. For example, if you rear-end someone and you’re at-fault and the other party is injured or their car needs repairs, your insurer will pay out an amount up to your policy limit.

If you’re not sure the exact policy limits to set, contact one of Sharp’s insurance brokers in Grande Prairie.

What affects your insurance rates in Grande Prairie?‎

There are many factors that can affect your personal or commercial insurance rates in Grande Prairie. Rates differ depending on the insurer, as each one makes their calculations based on different criteria. Below is a list of 10 elements to consider when you’re setting your rates.

10 Factors that impact your Insurance Rates:
  • Your claims history
  • Your credit rating
  • Your demographics
  • Where you live
  • Insurance options
  • Your insurance history
  • Loss settlement type
  • Policy limits
  • Coverage
  • Deductible

The decision to go with one insurance company can feel daunting as many elements of an insurance policy can be confusing; signing on the dotted line can feel stressful. We help take away the pressure of decision-making by laying out all your options.

What are the Grande Prairie Insurance Companies We Work With?

Sharp has partnered with major insurance companies and an Insuretech business to advance change and give you more options and accessibility. The insurers provide you with competitive insurance rates in Grande Prairie. Our insurance partners include:

  • SGI Canada
  • Intact Insurance
  • Economical
  • Wawanesa

Why is Sharp Insurance the brokerage to work within Grande Prairie?

At Sharp Insurance, we treat your insurance needs like they’re our own. We advise, negotiate on your behalf, and provide you with excellent customer service.

We work for you

We match your insurance wants with an insurer that has your best interests at heart.

We offer you choices

You can choose what coverage level you want at the best rates for your home and toys.

We shop around for you

Our brokers love to shop around for you, so you can get back to business at home or on the road.

We give you digital choices

Forget about your messy glove compartment; pick up your phone to access your pink card or to make a claim.

We take good care of your needs

We want the same as you: to have the best possible rates and awesome customer service. We deliver!

How to Get a Free Online Insurance Quote in Grande Prairie

It’s free to get a quote without slogging through an online form. Give us a call or email us when it’s the right time for you.

3 Easy Steps to Get a Free Online Quote:
  1. Request an insurance quote online, by phone, or via email.
  2. Have your insurance information ready for a more accurate quote.
  3. Ask for quotes from several different insurance companies in Grande Prairie.

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