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Condo Insurance in Canada

Security Ahead of Time: Why You Need Condo Insurance

Are you ready to move out of your childhood home or sick of renting and want your own place? Whatever scenario you’re in, we’re here to help you find the best condo coverage options at a reasonable rate. While buying a new place is exciting, ensuring you have the proper insurance coverage for your new abode is vital for financial security in the future.

Your condo is a safe haven when you need it. So, it’s vital to protect your home and all your favourite things inside. We help you build a condo insurance policy that fits your lifestyle and your pocketbook. You can’t control the weather from harming your home or a thief from stealing your personal items, but you can control what kind of protection you have against a multitude of threats.

What Is Covered Under a Typical Condo Policy?

Being a condo owner is becoming more common, especially in metropolitan cities, like Toronto, where almost a third of Canadians own this type of realty. With home prices rising, condos serve as the kindred cousin to the single-family home.
So, what’s covered in a standard condo insurance policy?

Emergency Expenses

Flood or fire? Your temporary accommodation, food and other expenses are taken care of.


Need a reno after a flood or fire? This will cover new floors, cabinets or other improvements.

Third-Party Liability

A visitor gets injured on your property, or you cause damage to another condo unit.


This includes your clothing, furniture, electronics, and other valuables.


Protection in case of a crime.

Like every condo owner, every policy is different. Meaning, your next-door neighbour may have a higher or lower premium than you or have their most expensive items secured while you only want the basic condo policy. Find what works for you.

What’s Not Covered Under a Condo Insurance Policy?

There are several factors that are not covered under a standard condo insurance policy.

Items not covered under a condo policy:

  • Mould
  • Wear & tear
  • Damage caused by insects, vermin and animals
  • Water damage from frozen plumbing if you’re away
  • Any damage caused by your illegal activities
  • War or terrorism
  • Nuclear incidents

In addition to the above exclusions, sewer backup, flooding, earthquake  and landslides won’t be covered unless you add-on to your insurance policy.

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As a brokerage, we have access to Canada’s top insurance markets. This means we get to work on your behalf to find you the best condo insurance rates and coverage options in the industry.

If you’re buying a condo for the first time, you may have unique needs that require a customized insurance policy, depending on which province you live in or the type of condo you own. We customize your policy to match your exact needs and protect your investment.

Start saving money on your condo insurance rate and get the security you crave. Get a free, zero-obligation quote today!


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Did You Know?

Your condominium’s master insurance policy only covers the common areas and the physical structure of the building but does not cover your personal belongings or any upgrades. This is where a personal condo insurance policy comes in. You don’t want to lose your valuables or get sued without any protection. Your belongings are precious and so is your livelihood. We help to ensure you have them both covered.

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