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Life brings unexpected events, so how can you prepare for the surprises that comes your way? A flood in your home or a car accident can leave huge bills. Without adequate insurance protection – this could derail your life.

The solution is to find affordable insurance for your everyday needs. Our digital toolset and skilled brokers guide you through the often-complex maze of insurance.

Is Insurance Mandatory in Toronto?

Mandatory insurance depends on what personal items or toys you want insured. While it’s the law to have insurance to drive your car, it’s necessary to find adequate insurance for your home – and some lenders demand it. Let’s go over the basics.

Mandatory coverage for car insurance:

  • Third Party Liability
  • Accident Benefits
  • Uninsured Automobile


For optional coverage for your car, read through our Auto Insurance page for details.

What Happens if you don’t have Adequate Insurance in Toronto?

If you drive around without proper insurance or risk owning a home or renting without insurance, you won’t be protected if the worst happens. For example, if you get stopped by the police and you don’t have insurance, you’ll get handed:

  • A license suspension
  • Multiple fines
  • Your car impounded

Most people lack money to rebuild their home, repair their car, or pay for a third-party’s injuries. This latter could amount to thousands of dollars! Don’t leave out the details in your plan and expect the unexpected.

What’s Covered by Insurance in Toronto?‎

You’re in the market for a new home or you want to add a shiny object on your snowmobile. Whatever your insurance needs, you want the coverage that matches your life and what you can afford.

Work with one of Sharp’s insurance brokers in Toronto to find what you’re looking for.

What are the Different Types of Insurance in Toronto?

At Sharp Insurance, we offer the following types of insurance:

For additional insurance needs: travel, auto, condo and more, we have your back when you need it the most. Find our full list of insurance options that we offer.

How to get the Best Business Insurance in Toronto?

As a business owner in Toronto, to be on top of your business operations, decide what’s important for you and your employees.

What is Loss Settlement Options?

A loss settlement option provides funds paid out to you by your insurance company after a loss or damage to an item.

3 Main Settlement Options

Actual Cash Value

also called the “fair market value,” or the purchase price minus depreciation. Actual cash value generally has a lower premium than the replacement cost option.

Replacement Cost

it will cover the cost of replacement, up to a certain amount.

Agreed Value

this is generally for specialty items like a classic car, artwork, or jewelry collection where the payout value is agreed upon beforehand and that’s what will be paid out.

What is a Policy Limit?

A policy limit is the monetary amount that will be paid out by your insurance company in the event of a claim. There is generally an overall policy limit as well as limits on different parts of your insurance or even on individual items.

You have a choice as to what your limit is. Coverage options depend on what type of insurance you’re dealing with: home, auto, travel, small business – to name a few.

What Determines your Insurance rate in Toronto?

Toronto has one of the highest premiums in the province for both your home and auto, so it’s key to

At Sharp, we help you shop around for the ideal rates.

What are the Factors that determine insurance prices in Toronto?

There are several factors that determine insurance prices in Toronto:

  • Your insurance history
  • Your claims history
  • Your credit rating
  • Your demographics
  • Where you live
  • Insurance options
  • Loss settlement type
  • Policy limits
  • Coverage
  • Deductible

It’s only natural to seek out the best insurance companies in Toronto, now that you know what’s involved in setting your insurance costs.

Sharp directs you to knowledgeable advisors close to your home, brokers who will give you the best service online and offline.

What are the Best Insurance Companies in Toronto?

Our exclusive partnerships with several major insurance companies in Canada provide you with protection and service you can count on. Here are a few of our trusted partners.

Aviva Canada Logo
Intact Insurance Logo
Economical Insurance Logo
Wawanesa Insurance Logo
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada Inc Logo

As an independent brokerage, Sharp Insurance has earned its reputation as an award-winning brokerage and works with the best insurance companies in Toronto.

How to Get Cheap Insurance in Toronto

You’re not alone if you think your insurer sets your insurance rates and you can’t get a lower rate. From your home premium to your car insurance rates, there are many ways to save on your insurance bill.

12 ways to make your insurance bill cheaper in Toronto
  • Maintain a great credit rating
  • Pay for repairs to avoid submitting too many claims
  • Combine your car and home policies
  • If you have an older car, consider skipping comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Request a higher deductible if it’s in your budget
  • Ditch your car and take the train or walk to work
  • Research the crime rate, the location of your home (e.g. fire hydrant, corner home, etc.)
  • Ensure you have enough protection
  • Be a safe driver
  • Don’t let your insurance lapse
  • Keep your insurer
  • Install winter tires

You’ve put your trust in the hands of award-winning experts. Now what? Let’s prove to you that we can find you the best rates and value for your money. Don’t take our words as truth, thought – call, email, or install the MySharp app to find out how we go above and beyond for you.

Get the Right Coverage in Toronto

Getting the right coverage in Toronto is the perfect mix of protection and price.

Why is Sharp Insurance the best brokerage to work with?

You won’t be left wondering if you’ve received the optimal insurance coverage for your needs. Sharp Insurance can provide you with the optimal solutions to your individual needs.

  • We work for you. We focus on value, not just getting you the lowest price. We make sure you’re adequately protected from your home to your weekend toys.
  • You have access to many insurance companies, which allows us to have the best information to make your most important decisions.
  • You get access to competitive rates. Market access combined with our experienced Toronto insurance brokers means you’ll get your ideal coverage for the best price.
  • You have digital options. Access your pink card on your phone or review your coverage, submit a claim, request a change.
  • You have caring advisors by your side. Insurance needs and our stellar customer service form our brokers.

How to Get a Free Online Insurance Quote in Toronto

At Sharp Insurance, we offer free online insurance quotes for Toronto residents. To get a free online quote, keep this in mind:

  • The more information we have, the more accurate your quote – and the more likely we can find ways to save you money
  • You can request an insurance quote online or by phone
  • We’ll get you quotes from several different insurance companies in Toronto

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