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No Two Policies are the Same –Insurance as Unique as You Are

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Empowering your business

Empowering Your Business with Custom Insurance Solutions

No matter what type of business you operate, a secure insurance policy will protect you from many risks. For our Canadian clients we provide the best possible options to protect your organization. Whether you have a multinational company or small non-profit, our award-winning brokers will find you a customizable policy to protect your business assets.

You may wonder: Why is a comprehensive insurance policy so important to the survival of my business? There are many risks that could negatively affect your business’ bottom line. Why take the chance and go without.

If you’ve decided to invest in a business policy but you don’t know what you need, it’s time to learn about the different types of business insurance and how you can customize each one.

Business Insurance in Canada

Sharp brokers provide property insurance coverage for your home, condo or as tenant. Our brokers match your living needs to a customized property insurance policy with affordable rates matching your lifestyle at every stage of your life. Are you in the market for one type of property insurance in Canada?

Directors and Officers Insurance:

D&O insurance shields company directors and officers from personal financial risks linked to their decisions and actions. This coverage handles legal defense costs and settlements for claims of mismanagement, negligence or breaches of duty.

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Professional Liability Insurance

This coverage (also known as errors & omissions insurance) protects professionals from claims that their services or advice caused client financial losses. E&O insurance provides peace of mind, ensuring your career and reputation stay secure, even in unexpected disputes.

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Commercial General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects your business against injury, property damage claims and associated legal costs, ensuring your business is secure and financially viable.

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Commercial Property Insurance

This essential coverage offers protection against claims involving bodily injury, property damage and legal expenses that can come about during business operations.

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Construction Insurance

This comprehensive coverage shields contractors, builders and project owners from risks like property damage, worker injuries and unforeseen delays. Keep your project moving forward while lessening potential financial and legal risks.

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Event Liability Insurance

This coverage protects event organizers from financial risks related to property damage, injuries and accidents that arise during the event.


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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Navigate the roads with confidence as you protect your company’s fleet from liability, damages and accidents.

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Farm Insurance

Farm insurance provides protection for your property, equipment, livestock and possible liability issues.

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Discover the uniqueness of your business risks and how to protect them with Sharp Insurance.
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Why Do You Need Business Insurance in Canada?

In a business climate where risks can arise at any time, it’s vital to have the choice to pick a business insurance policy that suits your business needs and protects your legacy. As well as building trust with your customers, a business insurance policy can bring you peace of mind and financial stability.

Sharp Insurance has a host of insurance coverage options for your business, no matter how unique it is. Whatever size of business in Canada, we have the insurance policy and the insurance rate that matches your needs.

Amidst the highs and lows of running a business, your business plan should include a secure business insurance policy that will set your business and your future up for success now, and in the future.


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Experience the convenience of the MySharp app. Our app gives you round-the-clock access to your insurance records, such as your pink card, payment particulars and additional resources. Whether you’re on the road, in the comfort of your home, or work, you can control how you manage your insurance. Easily modify your policy or access vital data at your leisure. Say goodbye to enduring lengthy hold times with brokers — MySharp is your solution for efficient insurance management.

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Did You Know

If you work from home, your regular home insurance policy might not cover your business activities. In many cases, business insurance is still necessary. Unlike home insurance, business insurance is tailored to protect your business assets, equipment and liability. It ensures that your business is safeguarded from unexpected events, providing financial security and peace of mind. Don’t leave your business vulnerable — get the right coverage with a reliable business insurance policy.


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Business Insurance

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