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D&O Insurance in Alberta & Ontario, Canada

Why You Need It

These days, it seems like more people than ever are serving on boards for either non-profits, businesses or
other societies. What a lot of people don’t know is that as a board member, you could be held liable for actions and inactions of the businesses you oversee! Are you currently serving on a board of directors in Calgary? You should speak to one of our brokers to see if Directors and Officers liability insurance is right for you.

Why do you need Directors and Officers Insurance?

When you’re elected on a board, you are responsible for representing the best interests of the organization’s members, partners and mission. Unfortunately, there are times when your actions may be questioned or you may be accused of wrongdoing. This could cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees and damages, and could even put your personal assets (such as your house and car) at risk. To ensure you’re covered for court costs and as well as losses in the event you are legally found liable, there’s D&O Insurance.

Who Do We Cover

Anyone who is making decisions for an organization is eligible for Directors and Officers Insurance. As a decision maker, you’re exposed to risks from not only other shareholders, but your customers, vendors, partners, employees and your creditors. Directors and officers liability insurance will cover the following:

  • Various shareholder actions
  • Decisions exceeding the authority granted to the board member
  • Reporting erroneous material
  • Employment practices & HR issues
  • Misrepresentation
  • Failure to comply with regulations or laws
  • Inaccurate disclosure (such as profitability, for instance)

We DO NOT COVER criminal, fraudulent, or intentional non-compliant acts.

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Our team of knowledgeable brokers will work on your behalf to find you the right directors and officers liability insurance for you. Our experienced brokers will work on your behalf to find you great coverage at an ever better price!

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Did You Know

What if you’re on the board of a non-profit organization and you’re sued for negligent misrepresentation or you’re a business owner accused of wrongful termination? Make sure you have directors and officers insurance ahead of time to cover your legal expenses, if you’re sued. D&O insurance covers management decisions and is different from Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance. E&O is insurance protection against any liability due to negligence or not providing adequate services to your customers.

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