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Calgary Directors & Officers Insurance Broker

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Calgary Directors & Officers Insurance Broker

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Calgary Directors & Officers Insurance

D&O Insurance Calgary

Providing Directors and Officers insurance protects the people who choose to contribute their time to your business while allowing you to continue to attract high-quality members.

More often, individuals who serve on a board are being held accountable for the actions or direction of the businesses they oversee.

In the case of a lawsuit, not only is the business is at risk, board members’ assets may be in jeopardy (e.g. house, cars) Give back to the Calgary community while covering yourself from any liabilities.

Risk Scenarios

  • Scenario 1: Your company acquires talent from another business and starts to promote a similar product. The firm sues you for potentially stealing their intellectual property rights.
  • Scenario 2: You sit on the school board and collectively decide on a subject a group of parents disagree. In a legal case, your assets could be at risk.

Our award-winning insurance brokers provide personal coverage for the leaders in your organization. We ensure you can carry out essential contributions while maintaining the safety of your personal and professional assets.

Our Coverage

Whether you’re participating on a board, a committee, a commission or a task force, you may be subject to legal action.

Typical Risk Scenarios:

  • Shareholder actions
  • Decisions exceeding the authority granted to the board member
  • Reporting erroneous material
  • Employment practices & HR issues
  • Misrepresentation
  • Failure to comply with regulations or laws
  • Inaccurate disclosure (e.g. profitability)

Note: Criminal, fraudulent, or intentional non-compliant acts are not covered.