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Competitive Condo Insurance Rates In Calgary

Condo Insurance Calgary

Calgary’s vibrant city life has made condo dwelling more appealing in recent years. Many Calgarians enjoy the condo lifestyle, living in urban areas such as Kensington, Mission, and the Beltline. Here, condo owners can benefit from being within walking distance from restaurants, shops, and other places of interest. Also, many condo buildings have facilities such as gyms and pools. Whatever your lifestyle is, or wherever you pick your spot to live, we’re here to find you the right coverage for your needs.

Condo & Home Insurance

The great benefit of condo insurance is that insurance rates are relatively lower compared to home insurance. Condo ownership is shared among all the occupants in the building. You share a commercial insurance policy to cover the building and shared spaces such as the gym, lobby, or garage. Your personal condo policy covers your  own unit from the walls in, your contents, and loss assessment coverage. Since losses are shared among all occupants, the rates are much lower as risks for claims tend to be lower. Claims loss payouts are also less than home insurance.

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All you need for your Calgary Condo Insurance quote is the amount of contents coverage you need, the age of the building, the construction materials, and the address.

We understand every condo owner has different concerns. We work with you to customize a policy that  matches for humble abode and its unique contents. Let us do the work to get you a free, zero-obligation quote today. Start saving money on your condo insurance.

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