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Tenant Insurance Calgary

Calgary is ranked among the world’s cleanest, healthiest, and safest cities in numerous international studies. In 2018, Calgary rose to become the 4th most livable city in the world. Population density is low, quality of life is high, and housing is abundant. This makes Calgary a very desirable living destination for many people. Whether you’re looking for a quiet neighbourhood to retire in, a downtown apartment near your new job, or a place you and your roommates can rent close to the university, finding the right rental in Calgary can be a time consuming process.

Found the right place to rent? Great! Have you forgotten anything?

In your excitement to get settled into your newly rented home, you might forget some important details, such as purchasing tenant/renters insurance! But not to worry! Sharp Insurance is here to help.

How to get Renter’s Insurance in Calgary

Sharp Insurance’s award-winning brokers are happy to help you with your tenant insurance needs in Calgary. All you have to do is give us a call and chat with one of our brokers about your insurance options.

You can also get a tenant insurance quote by filling out the form below now!

At Sharp Insurance, we can answer all your questions and design a tenant insurance package that will help you and your family get the best possible tenant insurance coverage in the city: a coverage that includes not only your valuable belongings, but also your personal liability claims.

Do I need Renter’s Insurance?

Yes! Every landlord in Alberta retains the legal right to require a tenant’s insurance policy to be provided by the prospective tenant before the rental lease is signed. This insurance isn’t meant to protect your landlord alone. In fact, when you compare how much you’re likely to lose if you don’t have insurance, you’ll realize that the cost of tenant insurance is minimal. Insurance should be factored into your living expenses, much like the cost of food and utilities. Recent statistics show that tenant insurance in Alberta costs Canadians an average $25 a month. Isn’t your peace of mind and your family’s safety worth the amount you pay for an average lunch meal per day?

How much is Tenant Insurance in Calgary?

The cost of tenant/renters insurance in Calgary depends on many factors. Call us at Sharp Insurance today or get a tenant insurance quote by completing the form below now to find out how much you can save by signing / switching your tenant insurance policy in Calgary. We’re partners with the country’s top tenant insurance providers and are confident we can find you the best deal on your tenant insurance policy.

Let’s start by asking the right questions so we can save you some money on your tenant insurance:

How much insurance do you need?

Check out this Inventory Check List to help you make an informed decision about what belongings to include in your renters insurance policy: (A link to the The Sharp Rebranded Inventory Checklist).

What’s the location of your dwelling?

Your tenant/renter insurance in Calgary will vary depending on where in the city you choose to live. In and around the downtown core is generally more expensive than the outlying suburbs. Residents of high-risk neighbourhoods with a higher reported crime rate are also likely to pay higher premiums on their tenant insurance policies to cover the recurrent break-in, burglary, and theft incidents.

How is your unit or apartment constructed?

Are you renting an apartment in a high-rise building with multiple suites, a townhouse, a duplex, or a small suite in a small building with only few apartments? However your rented unit is constructed, it’s useful to know that the larger the building and the number of units in it, the lower your premium cost will be.

Do you currently have a tenant insurance?

Who’s your insurance provider? Let’s do the comparison for you. We’re sure we can get you a better deal with one of our Calgary tenant insurance providers.

What’s your claims history like?

Have you had any previous claims? The more claims you have as a tenant, the higher your premium becomes on every new tenant insurance policy you sign. This means being a responsible and careful tenant can save you money.

How much is your deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money you spend out of pocket (in case of an accident in your unit) before your insurance policy kicks in and covers your losses (or other losses you’re found responsible for). Even though you’re usually able to select the deductible you want, a higher deductible always means a slightly lower premium.

Do you have other insurance policies?

If you have other insurance policies on your vehicle or any other properties, let us know. We can save you some money by bundling all your insurance policies together in one affordable policy.

Get the Right Tenant Insurance Coverage in Calgary

Getting the right tenant insurance coverage in Calgary is the perfect mix of protection and price.

What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover in Calgary?

Contents Insurance for Renters in Calgary

 A Personalized Limit for Contents Coverage: This coverage insures your personal belongings. It entitles you to replace your lost, stolen, or damaged personal belongings not only inside your unit, but also in a vehicle that’s registered to your name.

At Sharp Insurance, we can also design a special coverage plan for your high-value items, such as: Jewellery, art, musical instruments, wine collections, high-end watches, sporting equipment, bicycles, etc.

We want to make sure nothing happens to your impressive music collection!

Give us a call and learn more about the several coverage options and prices we have for your most valuable belongings.

Remember! Your landlord’s insurance policy covers only damages to the actual dwelling. It doesn’t provide coverage for your belongings. 

Tenants/Renters Liability Insurance

A $2 Million Liability Coverage: With this coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’re protecting you from financial losses that may result from damages to your unit or your building caused directly or indirectly by your actions due to negligence. This insurance also provides the protection you need in the event of a lawsuit. Tenants are responsible for the harm they may cause to anyone who lives or visits their rental unit. This coverage protects you against such bodily injury claims.

Extra Living Expenses Coverage

Additional Living Expenses: This coverage helps you to cope with your other needs after a loss. It provides compensation to you when you’re unable to live in your home while it’s being repaired for damages incurred due to sudden accidental events such as fires or water damage.

In June 2013, Calgary experienced one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the province. Catastrophic flooding brought the city to a halt, and much of the downtown and inner-city area was significantly impacted as residents were evacuated.

By the time the water receded, massive damages had been incurred, and the 2013 floods would become the second most detrimental disaster in Canadian history in terms of insured damages.

Although the 2013 flood is considered to be a “1 in 100 year” event, we continue to experience new weather patterns in every season.

If your rented suite was damaged in a similar natural disaster and is deemed uninhabitable, where would you live? This is when your Additional Living Expenses insurance responds by paying for any necessary expenses such as, hotel bills, restaurant meals, and moving cost while your apartment is being repaired.

Still have more questions about your tenant/rent insurance in Calgary? Not a problem! Call one of our expert tenant insurance brokers at Sharp Insurance and learn more about getting the best tenant insurance rates in Calgary.

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