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Best Home Insurance in Calgary

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Best Home Insurance in Calgary

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Home Insurance Calgary

From the inner city to the suburbs, there are living options aplenty and each comes with its risks. That’s why having home insurance in Calgary is essential. Sharp Insurance will help you discover the best insurance rates for your lifestyle and wallet. We strive to find the best protection for your most precious investment — your home. Your living conditions are unique and so are your policy option preferences. We help you tailor a policy suited to you and your lifestyle. Get a free quote today — it’s quick and easy!

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How to get the Cheapest Home Insurance Quotes

There are several methods to purchase home insurance in Calgary; take the initial step by contacting us.


Why Sharp Insurance when getting Home Insurance in Calgary?

Sharp Insurance is a Calgary-based award-winning, innovative insurance brokerage. Thousands of our clients trust us to do right by them and find them the most fitting Calgary home insurance. Here are some of the many reasons why you should work with Sharp Insurance.

We’re independent.

We represent many insurance companies and insurance providers but work on your behalf.

We’re competitive.

Since we have so many network connections, we can get you competitive home insurance quotes more easily.

We’re experts.

Our brokers know insurance like the backs of their hands. Trust us as your home insurance resource of choice.

We’re digital.

The landscape of insurance is becoming increasingly digital. We’re adaptive and innovative and use technology to make insurance more accessible.

What Are the Types of Home Insurance?


Basic Insurance:

  • Provides coverage for essential risks only.
  • Typically offers limited coverage at a lower cost.
  • May include coverage for common perils such as fire, theft, and liability.
  • Suitable for individuals seeking minimal protection or those on a tight budget.

Comprehensive Insurance:

  • Offers extensive coverage for a wide range of risks.
  • Protects against various perils including disasters, vandalism, and accidents.
  • Generally, includes higher coverage limits and additional benefits compared to basic insurance.
  • Suitable for individuals who desire more comprehensive protection and are willing to pay higher premiums.

Broad Insurance:

  • Combines elements of both basic and comprehensive insurance.
  • Offers coverage for a moderate range of risks, falling between basic and comprehensive.
  • Provides a balance between affordability and protection.
  • May be suitable for individuals seeking more coverage than basic insurance but not as extensive as comprehensive insurance.

What Does Calgary Home Insurance Cover?

Similar to renter’s or condo insurance, homeowners insurance is a type of property insurance policy designated to cover your physical assets. However, unlike condo or rental property insurance, home insurance will also cover your personal property.

12 common insured perils you’ll find in a standard Calgary home insurance policy:

  • Lightning
  • Weight of snow (roof collapse)
  • Water damage (depends on your policy)
  • Wind
  • Hail damage
  • Impact of a car or plane
  • Vandalism, theft or civil unrest
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Explosion
  • Electrical current
  • Falling objects


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Basic Home Insurance Coverage May Also Include:


  • Additional living expenses (ALE)

If you find yourself displaced for any of the reasons mentioned, this coverage will cover a percentage of additional living expenses.

  • Personal liability coverage (CPL)

CPL coverage provides financial protection against claims made if you or a family member injure another person or damage their property.

  • Medical Payments Coverage

This coverage is used if someone is injured on your property, regardless of who is at fault, it covers the medical expenses for up to a year.


Understanding the various types of liability coverages in home insurance can help homeowners ensure they have adequate protection against potential financial liabilities. It’s essential to review your policy carefully and consider your specific needs when selecting coverage limits and additional protections. You may also customize your home insurance premiums further with the addition of insurance endorsements.. Read below for some common insurance endorsements.

Common Homeowner’s Insurance Endorsements for Calgary Residents

Since every property is different, it can be great to have additional coverage to customize your protection even further. Having the right home insurance add-ons and increasing policy limits can go a long way toward protecting you and your personal property against potential exposures. It’s recommended to review the possible threats that could happen in your area, like natural disasters and get the right additional coverage.

Here are 5 of the most common home insurance endorsements.

Sewer Backup 

When water seeps or backs up from your main sewer line, septic tank, sump pump or in case of burst pipes — you want to be protected with sewer backup coverage.

Overland Water Damage 

This damage occurs when water enters your property from overflowing rivers, lakes, torrential rainfall or spring thaw. This coverage excludes flood water  from tidal waves, intentional breaches of water and more.

Identity theft

If your data gets stolen and used for committing fraud, this add-on coverage will cover the legal expenses you need for recovery and defence costs.

Key and Lock Replacement

If your key or lock is lost, broken or stolen due to vandalism or theft, this add-on covers the replacement cost.

Earthquake and Landslides 

Earthquakes are uncommon in Alberta, but coverage exists to protect your belongings if there is a loss.

Home Insurance in Calgary: Is It Necessary?

While it’s not mandatory to have home insurance in Calgary, buying it is recommended. Not everyone has enough “rainy-day funds” to pay to rebuild their home, replace all its contents and personal belongings, or repair unintentional damages to their neighbour’s property. Also, if you use a lender or bank to get a mortgage, your financial institution may insist that you carry home insurance on any property with a mortgage.

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Top 4 Reasons to Buy Home Insurance in Calgary 

  1. It’s necessary once you have a mortgage.
  2. Adequate funds to repair or restore home and its contents.
  3. Financial protection so you can pay for a lawyer in the event you’re sued.
  4. Confidence that a loss will be covered financially.

Calgary Home Insurance Quotes

Here is the cost breakdown for Calgary home insurance:

  • The total cost to rebuild your home (considering that the average cost for houses in Calgary is currently $557,400, and including labour costs, material costs and rework.)
  • Insurance claims and insurance history
  • Condition of your home and the condition of its systems, including plumbing, electrical, sewer, HVAC, etc.
  • Potential insurance risks (e.g. pool)
  • If you’ve installed security tools (e.g. burglar alarms, sump pumps)
  • The size of your home
  • Proximity to the closest fire station or fire hydrant
  • How close you are to risks, such as rivers or lakes
  • If you have a renter or tenant
  • Crime rates in your community
  • Claims made in your neighborhood
  • Frequency and severity of natural disasters in your area
  • Discounts you are eligible for
  • The coverage options you select
  • Credit score


Many different factors will affect your home insurance costs, and as such, no one homeowner will pay the same for their insurance.

As a Calgary homeowner, you may be eligible for discounts on home insurance premiums if you have an alarm system, burglary system, claims-free history, or other factors. To learn more about discounts and get a home insurance quote, please get in touch with us

Did you know?

On average, it will cost you $1,923 to insure a home in Calgary. That’s $160 a month. This cost compares to the provincial average of $1,837 a year, or $153 a month. For comparison, Edmonton’s average cost comes in at $1,504 annually.

The best way to see your estimated home insurance price is to get a free Calgary home insurance quote. Simply click the “get a quote” button or call us at 1.877.218.2008 to begin the conversation.

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Did you know?

On average, it will cost you $1,923 to insure a home in Calgary. That’s $160 a month. This cost compares to the provincial average of $1,837 a year, or $153 a month. For comparison, Edmonton’s average cost comes in at $1,504 annually.

The best way to see your estimated home insurance price is to get a free Calgary home insurance quote. Simply click the “get a quote” button or call us at 1.877.218.2008 to begin the conversation.

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How to Reduce Home Insurance Premiums in Calgary?

Reducing home insurance premiums in Calgary can be achieved through various strategies. Here are some tips:

Increase Deductibles: Choosing to pay a higher deductible can lower your premiums. However, we advise making sure you can afford the deductible in case of a claim.

Bundle Policies: Insurance companies offer discounts if you get more than one type of insurance with them, like home and car insurance for example.

Home Security Measures: Installing security systems such as burglar alarms, smoke detectors, and deadbolts can qualify you for discounts.

Home Renovations: Upgrading your home with features like a new roof, modernized electrical systems, or impact-resistant windows can lower your premiums.

Maintain Good Credit: Some insurers use credit scores to determine premiums. Maintaining a good credit score can help reduce your insurance costs.

Stay Claims-Free: Avoid filing small claims, if possible, as a history of claims can lead to higher premiums.

Shop Around: Review and compare quotes from multiple insurance providers to find the best price rates for your specific coverage needs. At Sharp Insurance, we will provide you with quotes from the top home insurance companies in Canada.

Review Coverage Annually: Regularly review your policy coverage and make adjustments as needed. Each individual has different insurance needs, so you may find some coverages unnecessary in your case.

Membership Discounts: Check if you qualify for discounts through affiliations with professional organizations, alumni associations, or other groups.

Age and Loyalty Discounts: Some insurers offer this based on your age or the length of time you’ve been with them. Inquire about such discounts when shopping for insurance.


By implementing these strategies, homeowners in Calgary can potentially reduce their home insurance premiums while still maintaining adequate coverage.


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Find the Right Home Insurance Coverage in Calgary 

We provide exceptional service when you need it the most. After a loss or when you’re buying a new home, we guide you to where you need to go. Our tech-savvy team and skilled brokers help you through the often-complicated insurance terms and policy options. Most of all, we’re a friendly and helpful team when you call in with concerns or questions about home insurance or car insurance.

A few benefits to joining us

  • We make it easy to compare between multiple insurance quotes thanks to our use of innovative insuretech.
  • We partner with some of the best insurance companies to give you the best options.
  • We’re independent — we’ve always been.
  • And, finally, you can always trust in our expert brokers to give you sound advice!

Get a free Calgary home insurance quote today to begin.

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FAQs for Home Insurance in Calgary

Home insurance rates cost $1,923 on average in Calgary, which means a monthly premium is $160. The premium might be reduced if you’re eligible for discounts or increased if you get additional coverage or add-ons. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get an online quote.

No, home insurance isn’t mandatory in Calgary. However, a mortgage lender may require you to buy one as part of the financial agreement. Also, it’s recommended to have homeowners’ insurance to cover any damages or losses.

At Sharp Insurance, we use the latest technology and resources to bring you competitive rates, good deals, and coverage options from the most renowned insurance companies. We compare the best insurances to make sure you get the right protection for your insurance needs.

Basic Home Insurance coverage in Alberta covers property and other structures like a garage or a fence, personal property, personal belongings, personal liability, and additional living expenses. For a higher premium, you can pay for additional coverage like sewer backup, identity theft or more.

Brokers offer a more personalized experience with better support to fulfil your insurance needs with the right coverage, as they work for companies whose clients are insurance firms. Insurance brokers, like Sharp Insurance, find the best home insurance rates from the top companies and compare them to give you the best deal and home insurance policy. They can usually provide a quote within 24 hours.

An insurance broker represents the client and can help them buy insurance from multiple insurance companies. An insurance agent works for an insurance company and represents that company. In other words, a broker will try to get the best deal from various companies, while an insurance agent aims to get you coverage from the company they represent.