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From the inner-city to the suburbs, Calgary’s living options are plentiful. Home insurance in Calgary is essential, so it helps to have tools that discover the best rates for your lifestyle and wallet. We strive to find you the best home protection for your most precious investment – your home. As a homeowner, your concerns are unique as are your policy option preferences. We help you tailor a policy suited for you and your lifestyle. Get a free quote today –  it’s quick and easy!

Why should I pick Sharp Insurance for my Calgary home insurance?

We are a Calgary-based award-winning and progressive insurance brokerage.

We’re independent.

We work with several major insurance companies, so we can work on your behalf.

We’re ambitious.

We go the extra mile to give you a choice of home insurance rates in Calgary.

We’re pros.

Our brokers bring many years of experience in their daily work. They can help you answer questions, submit a claim, and ensure you can select the best insurance options.

We’re tech-savvy.

Our digital tools help make your insurance less complicated. The app and web portal helps you manage your insurance needs, find your pink card, make a claim, and more.

We’re here for you.

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Average home insurance cost in Calgary?

Many people always ask how much is home insurance in Calgary. On average, it will cost you $1,923 to insure a home in Calgary. That’s $160 a month. This cost compares to the provincial average of $1,837 a year, or $153 a month. Edmonton’s average cost comes in at $1,504 annually.

What Elements Impact your Calgary Home Insurance Rates?

There are several elements that can affect your home insurance rates, from the community you live in, to your home’s proximity to a fire hydrant.

  • Your claims history
  • The price to reconstruct your home
  • The year your house was built
  • The material and type of home
  • Potential insurance risks (e.g. pool)
  • If you’ve installed security tools (e.g. burglar alarms, sump pumps)
  • The size of your home
  • Proximity to closest fire station or fire hydrant
  • How close you are to risks, like rivers & lakes
  • If you have a renter
  • Crime rates in your community
  • Claims made in your neighborhood
  • Natural disasters
  • The discounts that fit your policy
  • Options to select
  • Credit report status

Are you unsure how the above factors impact your premiums? Contact us and our trusted insurance brokers will help you sort through the elements and come up with a policy plan that works for you.

Did you know?

The community you choose to live can influence your home insurance rate because of the claim or crime rate in the neighborhood is high; you’re more likely to have a higher premium.

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Calgary home insurance to match your demands

Balanced  home insurance coverage in Calgary suits your lifestyle and wallet.

How much home insurance do I need in Calgary?

While it’s not imperative to have home insurance, you likely don’t have enough rainy-day funds to pay to rebuild your home, replace all its contents, or repair damages to your neighbours property. Also, if you use a lender or bank to get a mortgage, your financial institution may insist that you carry insurance on any property with a mortgage.

5 Reasons to Get Home Insurance in Calgary
  1. It’s necessary once you have a mortgage.
  2. Adequate funds to repair or restore home and its contents.
  3. Money to pay for a lawyer in the event you’re sued.
  4. Confidence that a loss will be covered financially.

What do I get with a Calgary home insurance policy?

Home insurance in Calgary is essential to protect your most personal items. Your home is your haven and includes precious memories – it’s worth protecting. It could be a fire, hail, windstorm, or a flood that destroys your personal possessions. A tailored home insurance policy also covers you if your belongings are stolen from your home, car, or while you’re in transit. if you need protection if a visitor slips and falls and injures themselves inside or outside your home. If you get sued, lawyer fees are covered with proper coverage.

What are the common Calgary home insurance coverages?
  • Personal Property

Your personal items are covered in the event of a loss, including theft, fire, a flood, etc. If you have expensive jewelry, you may want to carry a special content limit policy to account for the extra cost of your belongings.

  • Dwelling

Coverage for the physical structure of your home, including the roof, sidings, and more. It also covers structures that are attached to your home, such as a garage.

  • Personal Liability

This coverage protects you if a visitor to your home is injured. This protection helps you pay for lawyer fees if you’re sued.

  • Additional Living Expenses

After a loss, you may have to relocate to live in a hotel or a rental unit. This protection covers you for all living expenses, including food, accommodation, and travel – depending on your insurance policy details.

  • Detached Structures

Detached structures that are covered may include sheds or other structures that are on your property but not attached to your home. Check with our insurer for the details of this coverage.

The endorsements mentioned below are uninsured perils. Meaning, you need to buy them as add-ons under your home insurance policy. Endorsements are often included in a comprehensive home insurance plan. Ask your insurer about any terms that you don’t fully understand as they may be different from one provider to the next.



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3 Common Endorsements:

Sewer Backup

When water seeps or backs up from your sewer, septic tank, or sump pump – you want to be protected.


Overland Water Damage

This damage occurs when water enters your property from an overflow of rivers, lakes, torrential rainfall or spring thaw. Excludes flood water from tidal waves, and intentional breaches of water, and more.

Earthquake and Landslides

Earthquakes are uncommon in Alberta but coverage exists to protect your belongings if there is a loss.



What are the Standard Categories of Home Insurance?

Be sensible about your insurance policy choices for your home. We help you compare rates and make decisions when you’re just not sure.


The 4 Types of Home Insurance in Calagry


A comprehensive insurance package covers you for your home (physical structure) and personal property most of your items. Also includes attached structures.


Limited Basic, “no frills”

Limited insurance is just that – the bare bones of protection.


Basic or Named Perils

Named perils covers only the specific perils listed on your insurance policy.

No Frills

Often called basic insurance, no frills provides coverage for homes that are not up to regular insurance standards. An example would be physical issues with your property.

What’s not covered under your Calgary Insurance policy?

Certain exclusions, or circumstances, are not covered under any home insurance policy in Calgary.


Before buying your home, consider the uninsured activities below:
  • Regular wear and tear (e.g. stains on carpet)
  • Mold or mildew
  • Insect infestation (e.g. bed bugs)
  • Your house is left unattended for days and the pipes burst, for example
  • Damage to your home due to intentional vacancy for 30 consecutive days
  • Nuclear incidents, war, terrorism
  • Illegal activities in the home

Did you know?

If you head out on vacation for more than 4 days, get a friend to check on your place. If there is a water damage due to a loss, your insurer may not cover it. Plan ahead and avoid costly insurance bills.

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Is flood insurance required for my home in Calgary?

Flood insurance is offered as part of a personal home insurance policy. The 2013 flood totaled over $7 billion in losses. Weather changes have caused a rise in insurance claims inside and outside the home.

As a result of an increased need for overland flood damage insurance, the insurance industry now provides an affordable water protection endorsement. Please visit to get more information or to receive a quote from one of our expert brokers.

What do I need to know about loss settlement options?

When your insurance policy is signed, you agree to certain limits on your belongings, which decide how much compensation you’ll get back after a loss. These limits are called loss settlement options.

In the event of a fire or other loss when your items are damaged, your insurance company only covers a part of what it costs to replace certain items, such as expensive jewellery. Make sure you know how much you’ll have to pay to replace your belongings after a loss.



3 Loss Settlement Options

Agreed Value

The agreed value option is for special items, including jewelry, antiques, or a heritage home.


Cash Value, or Market Value

The market value choice includes the purchase price of your home, minus the depreciation. This value is the current value of your home, not the price at the time of purchase.


Replacement Cost

Replacement cost is the entire fee for replacing your home after a loss, with no consideration for depreciation.

What are Policy Limits for Calgary Home Insurance?

If you make a claim that is covered by your insurer, the maximum amount of money you’ll receive back from your insurance provider is your policy limit. When your policy is set up, there are limits set-up for both your home and its contents. Our brokers will help you set the right limits for you based on your home and what you can afford.


What is a Deductible?

The amount of money stated in your policy document you must pay to your insurer after you submit a claim is your deductible. If you have hail damage on your roof, for example, you have two years (in some cases) to make a claim and get the repairs completed. Your deductible must be paid out to your insurer before you’re compensated for your claim.



How does my Deductible Influence my Home Insurance Rates in Calgary?

Home insurance deductible amounts range from $500 to $1500, with $1000 as the standard. If you’re looking to save money on your premium, you can set your deductible at a higher rate.


How do I Get Discounts on my Home Insurance Policy in Calgary?

If you have a valid home insurance policy, you may apply for several discounts. Potential discounts include being a non-smoker, mortgage-free or claims-free status, or recent upgrades or improvements to your home. Our experienced brokers are available to help you save on your monthly or annual insurance bills.

5 Ways to Save on Your Home Insurance Rates
  1. Tell us all about your property: The better shape your home is in, the more likely you’ll save on your premium. Renovations, upgrades, and regular maintenance will help keep your rates stable.
  2. Maintain a decent credit score. A great credit rating will help keep your rates in balance.
  3. Pay off your mortgage: If you pay off your mortgage, bank on savings of at least 15% on your home insurance premium.
  4. Quit smoking: Smokers aren’t penalized on their rates but non-smokers have a slight advantage.
  5. Bunch car and home insurance policies: Insurers want your business, so the more the merrier. Combine two separate policies and you’ll get a reduced rate.

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How to Obtain a Home Insurance Quote in Calgary?

There are several ways to get a home insurance quote in Calgary:


By email

By phone

Visit a brokerage

Often the quick method to Get a Quote is through our website. Note that the more details you provide, the more on-target your quote will be.

How Do I Submit a Home Insurance Claim in Calgary?

When you need to make a claim, the process is fairly easy and similar from insurer to insurer. Below are some of the common steps in the claims process.


  1. A loss of any kind can be trying. Get your papers in order before you make a call.
  2. Call your broker or insurer soon after the loss occurs. Keep your insurance papers open in front of you.
  3. Your claim will be evaluated by the claims department. A claims adjuster will be assigned to your claim.
  4. Take photos and video of the incident, if possible.
  5. If your home requires a clean-up, let your insurer know.
  6.  The claim will be estimated once an adjuster visits your house.
  7. The settlement value is set based on your insurance policy.
  8. If you require a contractor, you can hire your own or your insurer can call one for you.
  9. Complete the claim estimate and repairs.

What should I do before I call my Insurer to make a claim?

  • When you file a claim, you must pay your deductible before the work is completed.
  • In some circumstances, it may be best to pay out-of-pocket for the loss.
  • There are some things not covered under an insurance policy, such as mold or water leaks.
  • Claims stay on your record for about 5 to 7 years, even if you move to another home.
  • You could lose your claims-free discount on your homeowner’s policy if you submit a claim.
  • Your claim could be denied. Think of alternatives to making a claim.

Did you know?

If your house claims increase even for several years, it will likely send your deductible to a higher rate. Worst-case scenario is your policy could be revoked.

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Why does Personal Inventory Matter for Home Insurance?

It takes work to compile a detailed list of everything you own. And it can be a scary endeavour for some people. But, you’ll be prepared when something unexpected happens.


Tips to Create a Personal an Inventory List:
  • Create a list of what’s in each room in your home and what it’s worth.
  • Keep track of your big ticket item receipts.
  • Save photos or videos of your items in a safe spot.
  • Assess the total dollar amount of your belongings.
  • Rework your inventory list annually.

What Does Sharp Insurance offer its Customers?

We provide exceptional service when you need it the most. After a loss or when you’re buying a new home, we guide you where you need to go. Our tech-savvy team coupled with our skilled brokers help you through the often complicated insurance terms and policy options. Most of all, we’re a friendly and helpful team when you call in with concerns or questions.


A Few Benefits To Join Us
  • It’s easy to compare multiple insurance quotes.
  • We have joined with several of the best insurance companies to give you the best options.
  • We’re an independent brokerage.
  • Digital options
  • You can trust our brokers to give you sounds advice.


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