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Car Insurance Online

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How to Buy Car insurance Online in Canada

There are several methods to purchase Car Insurance in Canada; take the initial step by contacting us.

Auto Insurance In Canada

Car Insurance Online Quotes

Whether you need to insure a family vehicle or your child’s first car, Sharp Insurance is ready to protect your ride. You can rely on our team of insurance experts to find customizable coverage that fits your needs. We partner with the top insurance companies in Canada to provide you with excellent options at the best value. A quote from Sharp Insurance, the leading auto insurance broker, is always fast and free. So why wait — contact one of our trusted advisors today.

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Mandatory and Optional Auto Insurance Coverage in Canada

Whether you’re driving a sedan, a sports car or an SUV, we have the best Car insurance coverage that matches your unique needs. Basic Car insurance coverage may be required to get you back on the road or to take your first ride as a new or teen driver.

Below is an overview of mandatory and optional auto insurance coverage.

Mandatory Car Insurance Coverage

  • Third-party liability coverage: Helps pay for injuries and damage you cause to others. If you get sued, this coverage will help pay for legal expenses.
  • Accident benefits coverage: If someone gets hurt in an accident, the driver will receive income replacement, rehabilitation and medical benefits.  It doesn’t matter who is at fault.


Additional optional coverage includes emergency services, roadside assistance, family protection, glass protection and more.

On January 1, 2023, Alberta adopted the mandatory direct compensation for property damage (DCPD) coverage, which provides compensation for damage to vehicles, no matter who is at-fault in an accident. Ontario also has DCPD coverage.


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Online Car Insurance

Do you Need Car Insurance in Alberta and Ontario?

Car insurance is designed to offer monetary protection if you’re involved in an accident, your vehicle is stolen or vandalized or your vehicle has damage from a weather event (hail, flood, etc.).

Many car insurance policies will cover costs after an accident for vehicle damage, medical bills, funeral expenses and property damage. However, there are conditions that could void your insurance policy, including if you use your vehicle for illegal activities, if you were involved in multiple accidents, if your risk profile has changed or you make modifications to your vehicle.

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Is Car Insurance Required in Canada?

Yes, Car insurance is mandatory but gives drivers protection from financial loss due to accidents, weather events, theft and more.

A driver must carry the basic vehicle insurance coverage to drive on all roadways. This mandatory coverage includes accident benefits insurance and third-party liability. It’s recommended to have between $1 million to $2 million in third-party liability coverage, which is above the minimum requirement of $200,000 to $500,000 in most provinces.

Driving without adequate auto insurance can result in serious consequences, including losing your license and hefty fines, medical expenses and legal fees.

If you’re at-fault in an accident, this coverage will help cover medical expenses, damages and legal costs if you’re sued. Comprehensive and collision coverage are both optional coverages. Some drivers opt out of both coverages but if you don’t budget for repair costs, you will benefit from having comprehensive and collision coverage on your auto insurance policy.

Is Car Insurance required

Did you know?

1- Alberta  has the second highest rate of car accidents, following British Columbia.

2- Calgary has higher car insurance rates compared to smaller cities in Alberta. Our Insurance Brokers can help you by shopping around to find the cheapest auto insurance quotes.

3- The average cost of car insurance in Calgary is $1,420 per year. Cheaper than Edmonton!

4- The average cost of car insurance in Edmonton is $1,427 per year.


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Contact one of our Sharp Insurance brokers for an overview of your current situation. A broker will review your insurance policy with you page by page and advise you on the coverage options you can include in your policy. Having adequate coverage will help you have peace of mind driving from A to B.

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Once you’re a Sharp Insurance client, you will have access to your insurance documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our online self-service portal and mobile app lets you view and print your pink cards, make a claim, view payment details and submit policy change requests at your own convenience.

We know you’re busy. With Sharp, you have the freedom to do your insurance wherever and whenever you want, without waiting on hold for a broker.

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Our insurer partners offer the best
auto insurance rates and coverage options!


Did You Know

All licensed drivers of a legal driving age in your household must be declared on your insurance application. This includes your spouse, your children, your relatives and often your roommates. Our experienced auto insurance brokers will work on your behalf to find you comprehensive coverage options at a premium that works for you.


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Did You Know

All licensed drivers of a legal driving age in your household must be declared on your insurance application. This includes your spouse, your children, your relatives and often your roommates. Our experienced auto insurance brokers will work on your behalf to find you comprehensive coverage options at a premium that works for you.


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Sharp Insurance Offers a Quick and Simple Quote Process

You can always rely on our team of insurance experts to find you tailored coverage that fits your needs. We partner with the top insurance companies in Canada to provide you with excellent options at the best value.

Why work with a broker? Many insurance carriers won’t insure just anyone. Sharp Insurance brokers have many years of insurance experience and prioritize their clients when they need them the most. If you need to submit a claim, we’ll act on your behalf and advocate to get you your settlement as fast as possible, so you can go back to life after an accident or other insured loss.

A quote from Sharp Insurance is always fast and free, so why wait? Click the quote button below or, if you’d rather speak to a human right away, give us a call and we’d be happy to get you started on your insurance policy details.


FAQs: Car Insurance in Canada

While a personal auto insurance policy and a policy for commercial use may have similar coverage options, using your personal vehicle for business purposes is a violation of your agreement with your insurer. All business activity must first be disclosed to your insurer, and you may need to acquire separate commercial insurance to be covered for commercial driving, such as deliveries or transporting clients.

The cost of car insurance is reflective of your risk profile, with the monthly or annual rate impacted by various factors, including age, gender, the car you drive, how far you drive, your driving record, insurance history and more. For many people with a less appealing risk profile, insurance rates may be quite expensive. If you fall into a higher risk category, you may be paying more for your auto insurance. Connect with one of our car insurance brokers for advice on how to keep your premium low but still get extensive coverage.

We are offering ride-sharing insurance plans in Canada. Tailored for drivers using personal vehicles to ferry paying passengers, this coverage is a game-changer. Don’t let gaps in your personal auto insurance coverage leave you vulnerable. Want a quote for ride-sharing insurance? Look no further. Contact our Car insurance brokers now!

Estimating your car insurance premiums can be quite the puzzle. While car insurance estimator tools designed for Canadian drivers require less info, they often sacrifice accuracy. Car insurance costs are like a patchwork quilt across the country, with provinces like Ontario and B.C. boasting the highest premiums.

Here’s why:

Regulatory Regime: Some provinces, such as B.C., Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Quebec, operate under public insurance or a hybrid public-private regime. Elsewhere, private companies handle auto insurance, each subject to provincial regulations.

Population Density: Densely populated cities tend to be hotbeds for higher auto insurance premiums. With more cars on the road, the likelihood of collisions and theft skyrockets.

Loss Ratios: Insurance companies dance to a different beat in every province or territory they operate in. The loss ratio, which measures revenue earned through premiums versus claims paid out, varies. A high loss ratio spells trouble for insurers, as they’re shelling out more in claims than they’re taking in through premiums.

Mandatory Minimums: Each province sets its own rules about minimum insurance coverage. Some, like Newfoundland and Labrador, mandate hefty coverage—$500,000, to be exact. The more coverage you’re required to buy, the steeper your bill.

Right-to-Sue Laws: Quebec boasts some of the nation’s lowest insurance rates because drivers can’t sue for damages. In Ontario, it’s a different story—severe injuries can lead to hefty lawsuits, driving up costs for insurers and consumers alike.

Weather Patterns: Canada’s diverse climate also plays a role in insurance costs. Harsh winter conditions in provinces like Alberta and Quebec can lead to more accidents and higher claims, influencing insurance premiums.

Navigating the maze of car insurance rates requires a keen eye and a sharp mind. That’s why comparing Car insurance quotes online is essential to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Yes, as long as they hold a valid driver’s license. However, every driver residing in your household typically needs to be insured on at least one vehicle in that household. And if someone regularly borrows your wheels, they should be listed on your policy.

Just fill out our auto insurance form with your driver info (postal code, driving prowess, vehicle make and model, etc.). From here ( Auto Insurance Online Quotes ) We’ll sift through available auto insurance quotes, ranking them from pocket-friendly to splurge-worthy. Once you’ve zeroed in on your ideal rate, you’ll be connected with a seasoned car insurance broker to seal the deal.

Your insurance premium is the cash you fork over for the privilege of being covered by the car insurance policy of your choice. Whether you opt to pay monthly or annually, your premium ensures you’re safeguarded on the road.

A car insurance claim is your ticket to reimbursement after an accident, damage, or loss to your vehicle.

It depends on the severity of the accident. Your insurance rate may not return to its pre-accident/infraction levels for up to a maximum of six years. Commonly, insurance rates are affected by violations, misdemeanours and accidents, and will impact your driving record between 3–6 years. The more severe the accident or conviction, the longer your driving record and your premium will be affected.

Absolutely. Car insurance isn’t just advisable—it’s the law across Canada. Every province mandates a minimum level of coverage, with optional add-ons available for those seeking extra protection.