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Car Insurance in Alberta

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Car Insurance in Alberta

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Comprehensive Auto & Car Insurance quotes in Alberta 

Armed with comprehensive and extensive industry knowledge along with the latest technologies out there, Sharp insurance can make the process of getting car insurance in Alberta the easiest it could be. We know all drivers are looking to get the best coverage to protect themselves and their cars while also not spending a fortune in the process, and that’s our specialty!

With free online car insurance quotes for Alberta drivers, it’ll be easier to see all the options available and compare their prices to make a well-informed decision.

All you need to do is fill out our form with your basic information and you’ll receive several quotes from some of the top nearby car insurance companies in Alberta. Our auto insurance brokers will assist you throughout the process and make sure you’re having a pleasant insurance shopping experience.

It doesn’t stop there; we make insurance more accessible through our mobile phone app and online web portal which gives you the freedom to manage your insurance whenever and wherever you want.

They also allow you to access your pink cards, review your coverage, request a change and submit a claim when it’s convenient for you.

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Do I need Auto Insurance in Alberta?

It is required by law to have basic car insurance in Alberta, which is third-party liability coverage, direct compensation for property damage, and accident benefits.

Driving without insurance in Alberta will cost you a fine of $2,875 to $10,000 for a first offense and if you’re caught again without insurance within 5 years, you’ll pay a minimum fine of $5,000 to $20,000.

Other coverage options are not legally mandatory, however, if you can’t afford to repair or replace your car in the instance of an accident, having additional car insurance in Alberta will have you covered.

What is the Average Cost of Vehicle Insurance in Alberta?

We can put a lot of numbers and statistics here to give you the average price of auto insurance in Alberta, but the truth is that there are many factors involved in determining it.

Insurance is calculated differently for each policy and varies according to the insurance company. The only way to ensure you’re getting the best car insurance price is to compare auto insurance quotes in Alberta.

What’s Covered by Car Insurance in Alberta?

There is both mandatory and optional coverage provided for a driver in Alberta.

Mandatory Alberta Car Insurance Coverage:

  • Third Party Liability –
    This coverage protects you in the case an accident causes property damage, personal injury, or even death in which you are at fault. For this coverage, the Alberta government requires a limit of $200,000 in third-party liability insurance.
  • Accident Benefits –
    This coverage provides financial protection for when you are injured in an accident, whether you were at fault or not. This can include medical expenses, income replacement if you’re unable to work due to your injury, rehabilitation expenses, and funeral expenses in case of death along with compensation for family members.
  • Direct Compensation for Property Damage –
    DCPD is new mandatory insurance coverage in Alberta that covers the damage to your vehicle in an accident with another insured driver who was the one at fault.

When you’re not at fault at all for the collision, DCPD will cover all costs to fully restore or replace your car if necessary. If you were partially at fault, the coverage will only cover part of the expenses required to repair or replace the car and you’ll have to pay the rest yourself. If you were the one completely at fault, DCPD does not apply.

It’s important to note that the above coverage is for injuries and damage if you’re in an accident. It won’t cover damage if you’re at-fault or if your vehicle is damaged by something other than an accident.

Optional Alberta Car Insurance Coverage:

Collision or Upset Coverage

Collision coverage in Alberta covers damages to your vehicle when you are in a collision in which you are at fault.

It can cover collisions not just with other cars but also with items such as guardrails, trees, etc.

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage is concerned with all the other types of damages that can occur to your vehicle besides collision. These include things like fire, hail, animal collisions, vandalism, theft, etc.

Emergency Road Service

This covers the expenses relating to towing your car after an accident.

Loss of Use

Helps cover alternative transportation like a rental car or public transit if your car is being repaired after a covered loss.

Glass coverage

This optional coverage in Alberta helps in covering the cost of replacing your windshield or any window that was damaged by any uninsured hazard or accident.

Rental Car

If you rent cars frequently, this add-on will cover physical damage to rental cars. This means you don’t need the insurance offered by the rental car company in most cases.

Did you know?

  • Alberta has the second highest rate of car accidents, following British Columbia.
  • Calgary has higher car insurance rates compared to smaller cities in Alberta. Our Insurance Brokers can help you by shopping around to find the cheapest auto insurance quotes.
  • The average cost of car insurance in Calgary is $1,420 per year. Cheaper than Edmonton!
  • The average cost of car insurance in Edmonton is $1427 per year.


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What is not covered by car insurance in Alberta?

There are several cases where insurance cannot come into play and cover costs. This is when there is intentional damage done to the vehicle, items were stolen from inside the vehicle, damages from regular wear and tear, and general maintenance.


What Factors help determine insurance rates in Alberta?

There is a point system that determines your rate level in Alberta. Some of these factors include:

  • The car’s make and model
  • Driving experience
  • Age
  • Insurance history
  • Financial situation
  • Postal Code
  • Credit score and history

If you’re buying car insurance in Alberta, the make, model and age of your vehicle, how much you drive, and if you commute will matter.

Did You Know?

An insurance rate increase for drivers who have received a DUI charge is unavoidable. Premiums may, at minimum, double for those accused of a DUI in Alberta.


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How Much is Car Insurance for a New Driver in Alberta?

If you’re trying to get car insurance for a new driver in Alberta, you’ll notice that it may cost higher than you expect. The reason behind that is purely due to statistics that show that new drivers, especially teen drivers are more likely to be at risk of being in a car collision.

There’s an option to add them to an existing policy as an additional driver or the smarter choice is to thoroughly shop for and compare car insurance quotes for new drivers from different car insurance companies.


Do Commercial Vehicles need Insurance in Alberta?

Even though commercial car insurance in Alberta is not required by law, it’s the right choice to get it and protect any vehicle used for business purposes.

However, without a commercial policy, you are at risk of withstanding all financial burdens in case anything happens to the company’s car. Whether you use your personal car for business, provide delivery services, drive a lot to meet clients, or use your car to transport business equipment, you need to discuss your commercial car insurance options with your insurance company.

If you run your own business with multiple cars used for business, you may consider getting fleet insurance.

If you’re still unsure about your commercial car insurance needs, contact Sharp Alberta insurance brokers today!

How to get the Best Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Alberta?

Having a motorhome in Alberta means you are legally required to have third-party liability, direct compensation for property damage, and accident benefits coverage like any other vehicle.

While many think it’s better to add their RV to their home insurance, that would not give it the necessary protection as separate recreational vehicle insurance would do. Many also consider getting regular auto insurance but what is not commonly known is that it’s cheaper if you insure it as an RV.

One of the best ways to get cheap recreational vehicle insurance in Alberta is to thoroughly research all its types to know which coverage you need, and which would be a waste of money.

Types of recreational vehicle insurance include trailer insurance, travel trailer insurance, fifth wheel insurance, tent trailer insurance, and motorhome insurance.


What Are the Available RV Coverages in Alberta?

The things that are covered under an RV insurance policy differ according to each insurance provider and every individual case.

RV insurance in Alberta has several cases; if you choose a motorhome policy with the standard automobile coverage, it can only extend beyond the unit in emergency vacation expenses and personal effects in a motorhome. If you choose a motorhome policy with property coverage, it will include emergency roadside service, frozen food coverage, lock replacement, and an extended warranty on appliances.

Overall, the basic coverage for RVs in Alberta would include third-party liability, accident benefits, roadside assistance for trailers, property damage, premise liability, and personal liability.

Do you need Insurance for Classic Cars in Alberta?

No, you’re not legally obligated to have special insurance for a classic car in Alberta, but the thing is, wouldn’t you want to have it anyway?

Having such a special item requires it to be properly insured in case of any possible damage occurring to it.

Insurance for classic cars in Alberta is not hard to come by but to qualify, your car must be more than 25 years old and has less than 8000 km a year.

Other factors that would determine your classic car insurance policy are the make and model, year of manufacture, and overall usage.

Give our Alberta classic car insurance brokers a call today for more details.

How Can I Get Cheap Auto Insurance in Alberta?

Many people are unaware that there are several tactics and ways you can get cheap car insurance in Alberta, check out these tips below to help you out.


Tips to get cheap car insurance rates in Alberta

  • Improve your credit score
  • Consider increasing the deductible
  • Shop and compare different insurance providers
  • Combine your insurance policies together
  • Invest in a comprehensive car security system
  • Drive safely
  • Ask about discounts you’re eligible for
  • Conduct annual review of your policy

Working with the Best Auto Insurance Brokers in Alberta

Sharp is the best brokerage, because:

We have an awesome, experienced team of brokers to make insurance as easy and accessible as possible.

We offer our customers a digital experience: an online portal and app that lets you manage your insurance.

We’re an independent brokerage, which allows us to partner with many insurance companies to give you the best rates possible.

we offer competitive car insurance quotes in Alberta.

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Our experienced staff is here to help you with anything insurance-related. We’ll advocate for you if you have a claim, answer your questions, and help you get the best rates.

Get a free Alberta auto insurance quote online or call us if you prefer. We’ll provide you a quote in minutes.