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Calgary Commercial Auto Insurance Broker

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Calgary Commercial Auto Insurance Broker

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Calgary Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Business

Do you rely on vehicles to help get the job done for your business? Whether you have one car or a fleet of vehicles that have multiple drivers, we have the right commercial vehicle insurance policy for you. 

Commercial auto insurance in Calgary is not the same as personal auto insurance. For vehicles that are used for commercial purposes, whether that’s the transport of goods and materials, products and merchandise or to transport clients — or even employees to worksites — you’ll need special insurance. Personal auto insurance policies will not cover damages or losses that occur while using a vehicle for commercial purposes.  

Our team of expert Calgary commercial auto insurance brokers will set you up with the best policy to suit your individual needs. We do more than simply help you find affordable quotes. We get to know you and your business’ needs so that we can sift through our numerous trusted insurance partners in Canada and find you the best, most fitting comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy in Calgary so that you can do business as you would ordinarily with peace of mind.  

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What Does Calgary Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Choose the coverage that is right for you and your business. Calgary commercial automobile policies will typically cover for the following:  

  • Collision or upset (the cost of repairing damage to a vehicle caused by hitting another vehicle or object) 
  • Damage from fire 
  • Damage from theft 
  • Damage from vandalism 
  • Damage from natural disasters 
  • Property or bodily injury to you or your employees 
  • Injury or death because of a collision on the job 

Collision or upset: This coverage helps you cover the costs of repairing damages to your company’s vehicle(s) due to a collision with another vehicle or an object.  

Damage from fire, theft and vandalism: This optional coverage includes coverage for incurred damages to your vehicles from natural disasters, fire, theft and more.  

Property damage and bodily injury liability: This coverage pays for bodily injury or deaths and provides you with protection if your commercial vehicle accidentally damages a third-party’s property while doing business.  

Accident benefits: This coverage pays for medical fees and other costs due to a collision that occurs on the job. 

Discuss with Sharp’s Calgary commercial auto insurance brokers for more information on your commercial auto insurance coverage needs.

Commercial Auto Insurance in Calgary FAQs

See below for answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding commercial auto insurance in Calgary.

Commercial auto insurance is mandatory so long as your business owns vehicles that are employed for commercial usage. Even vehicles that are owned by employees but used for business purposes on occasion (such as delivery drivers who also use their vehicles for pleasure) may need some level of commercial insurance. To be considered road-legal, all vehicles need auto insurance whether commercial for business vehicles or personal for individually-owned vehicles. 

Commercial auto insurance is designed to cover the cost of accidents that involve the vehicles owned by your business. A typical commercial policy includes coverage for property damage, legal expenses, medical bills and more.  

You may enhance your policy by including protection against theft, vandalism and other types of damages. You may also add collision and comprehensive coverage depending on the usage and value of your vehicles. Work with a Calgary commercial auto insurance broker to determine the full extent of your coverage needs. 

The cost of commercial auto insurance in Calgary is dependent on a multitude of factors, some of which include: 

  • The number of vehicles your business owns 
  • The make, model and year of vehicles 
  • The vehicle’s condition 
  • Your insurance history 
  • The driving record of your employees 
  • Business location 
  • Coverage options 

It’s prudent to work with a commercial vehicle insurance broker in Calgary to get the insurance coverage you need. We work with top-rated insurance providers to get you the coverage that you deserve, and nothing less. 

Commercial auto insurance will not cover any leased vehicles or personal vehicles. You can, however, be held liable for damages your employees cause while driving personal or leased vehicles. You can purchase hired and non-owned auto insurance as an extension to cover vehicles your business uses but does not own.  

Personal use and commercial use for vehicles have very different specifications, and their price points reflect that. Commercial vehicles may be driven more often, and longer distances compared to your personal vehicles, so the risk of getting into accidents and incurring damages is higher. 

Personal auto insurance is often less expensive than commercial auto insurance and covers your daily commuting, and any other work-related driving.  

Some businesses may allow employees to use their personal vehicles for work. However, these vehicles will not be covered under a commercial auto policy. As a result, you will need a hired and non-owned auto insurance policy to enhance coverage against these risks. These policies may also cover rented or leased vehicles that your company uses for work purposes.

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Why Choose Sharp Insurance for you commercial auto insurance in Calgary

Sharp Insurance is one of Canada’s fastest growing brokerages due to its exceptional client support. To ensure you get a broad range of product offerings for your needs, we work with multiple insurance markets in Canada. We provide you with unbeatable service, affordable rates and comprehensive coverage to meet your needs as a business owner. We’ve developed innovative tools to improve our customer’s insurance journey.  

Here are the top three reasons why companies choose Sharp Insurance: 

  1. Customization: With our large network of insurance providers, we give you with the best options for your unique business needs. 
  2. Expert Advice and Customer Service:  We offer you risk-management recommendations and updates. 
  3. Save Money: As your broker, we shop around for the best current deals in the market. No questions asked. 

Sharp’s philosophy is ingrained in providing exceptional customer service. We listen and act on our customers’ needs. If you need a personal touch, give Sharp a call to discuss policy options with one of our commercial auto insurance brokers.

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