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Condo Insurance- Whitecourt, AB

What's Covered?

Your condo is likely one of your largest investments. That’s why it’s prudent to tailor your insurance policy to fit your current lifestyle.

What you’ll get with condo insurance:

  • Contents: this covers your items, including clothes, furniture, etc.
  • Upgrades: If you’re in the middle of a renovation due to a peril, this coverage will help you pay for new floors, cabinets, or other improvements.
  • Theft: in case you’re the victim a crime, you’re possessions will be protected.
  • Third-party liability: essential liability insurance includes if someone visiting gets injured or if you damage a suite in your building.
  • Emergency expenses: this could include a hotel or an apartment to stay after a fire or flood guts your place.

Did You Know?

Your condo building’s insurance covers the common areas and outside of the building, but doesn’t cover your personal belongings or any upgrades.

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Our team knows that every condo owner has different concerns. We work with you to customize a policy the works for your house and its unique contents.

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