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Whitecourt Snowmobile Insurance Broker

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Whitecourt Snowmobile Insurance Broker

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Snowmobile Insurance for Whitecourt Residents

Secure Your Next Winter Adventure

Whitecourt offers a wealth of hills and trails for snowmobilers. While you plan your next adventure, we can manage your protection for your winter adventures.

Our multiple insurance provider partners enable us to offer you competitive rates and superior service. So grab your friends, your snowmobile and your sense of adventure!


What Does Snowmobile Insurance Cover?

You have your bike, your gear and your adventurous attitude. Now you’re ready to hit that white gold for some winter fun. But did you remember to call your insurance company or broker?  Make sure you’re covered with adequate protection in case of an accident.

How am I covered?

Coverage typically includes things like:

  • Collision
  • Third-party damages and injuries
  • Vandalism or theft

Combine your snowmobile policy with your home or auto policy for reduced rates.

Chat with us about the ideal options to suit your sledding experience.


Top 7 Snowmobile Tips

  1. Bring enough food and water for everyone.
  2. Make sure a friend or neighbour knows your whereabouts.
  3. Bring an extra belt and toolkit for last-minute repairs.
  4. Invest in an extra set of googles in case the conditions are extra wet.
  5. At the start of the season, do a check-up of your ride before you head out.
  6. Double check your snowmobile belt for wear and tear.
  7. Check your batteries before you leave the house. Replace if needed.

Snow Time, Go Time

Don’t let a small accident get in the way of your next adventure. Preparation includes finding an insurance policy that fits your life.

If you have the following winter toys, you don’t have to find another insurer for a policy. We’re a one-stop brokerage. We can help you with your:

  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Can-Am Spiders
  • Dirt Bikes
  • And more

Call, email or phone us for fast, efficient service for all of your winter toy needs.