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Back on Track with a Secure Policy.

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Back on Track with a Secure Policy.

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DUI Insurance in Whitecourt, Alberta

DUI Insurance Whitecourt

We specialize in helping Calgarians obtain high-risk insurance for a recent DUI.

Our brokers can give you advice on:

  • How to get your license back.
  • What you need to know about your insurance rates.
  • Tips on how to improve your driving record in a few years.

What To Do After A Suspension

After your suspension is over (due to a DUI conviction), you’re eligible to obtain your license again with some restrictions, such as paying fines or completing driving courses.

Once your restrictions are lifted, you’ll need to completed paperwork. In most cases, an interlock system is required in your vehicle. Before you can go to the registries office to get your license, you must first obtain active and valid insurance on your vehicle.

We’re here to help you secure your insurance after your DUI conviction without any hassle. We will answer all your questions and work to find you coverage that will fit within your budget.