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Red Deer Condo Insurance Broker

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Red Deer Condo Insurance Broker

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Condo Insurance in Red Deer

Do You Own a Condo in Red Deer?

Home to a variety of economic and cultural activities, Red Deer is a great place to live solo or with your family in a condo.

Whether you’re a student renting a unit or a condo owner, we’re an excellent resource for your condo insurance needs.

We always work on your behalf to capture terrific rates and convenient service.

Your Condo Coverage

Your condo is one of your biggest investments. Protect all your favourite things with a customizable insurance policy that fits your lifestyle.

What is covered?

  • Contents: This includes your clothing, furniture, electronics, and other valuables.
  • Upgrades: Doing a renovation? This will cover new floors, cabinets, or other improvements.
  • Theft: Protection in case of a crime.
  • Third-party liability: Should someone get injured on your property, or if you cause damage to another suite.
  • Emergency expenses: Flood or fire? Your temporary accommodation is taken care of.

Do You Need a Quick Quote?

We’re happy to share access to multiple markets so you get the best coverage for your condo. Our team knows that every condo owner has different concerns; we will work with you to customize a policy the works for your house and its unique contents.

Start saving money on your next insurance bill. It’s easy to get a free quote. You can reach us by phone, email or fill out our quick online quote form.