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Discover Your Neighborhood and Beyond.

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Discover Your Neighborhood and Beyond.

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Red Deer Motorhome Insurance

What We Offer

Life in the city of Red Deer can be hectic so when it’s time to escape, you may want to hit the road in your motorhome. We’re here to help make your vacation truly carefree. Our award-winning brokers can offer motorhome insurance customized for you.

Exceptional customer service is our number one priority. We partner with the top insurance providers in Canada so we can review the options with you to save you time and money.

Your Motorhome & RV Coverage

An accident can happen at any time while parked or moving. We want to prevent major financial loss from a harmful event. There are insurance options that will protect you in case of:

  • Collision with a third-party
  • Hail, fire, flood and other natural disasters
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Red Deer is surrounded by some of the best RV camping in the world. Whether you plan to head out to the mountains, spend some time in the prairies, or explore the dramatic badlands of Drumheller, you’re guaranteed some spectacular views from your motorhome.

Motorhome Insurance Top Tips

  • If you want to save money, bundle your motorhome insurance with your home or car policy.
  • Stop at a farmer’s markets or roadside stand. Local produce and gourmet treats are a great way to get nutritious foods on the road.
  • Check the tires, lights, brakes and battery of your motorhome before each trip and especially after you take it out of storage.
  • Park your motorhome facing in, so it’s harder for potential thieves to drive off quickly.

Gain Multiple Quotes From a Broker

Your motorhome is one of your major investments, so treat it to a sound insurance policy. How do you start? It’s easy – one of our expert brokers can give you a hassle-free, no-obligation quote.