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Red Deer Travel & Medical Insurance

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Are you planning your next trip out of Red Deer? Whether you’re arranging your European dream vacation, or mapping out a road trip to the States, the right travel insurance coverage can keep you on track and prepared for anything that comes your way.

Emergency Medical Insurance

You may be able to plan every detail of your trip, but you can’t always plan on when you’re going to get sick or injured. for that, there’s Emergency Medical Insurance. Whether you’ve broken a toe on your hike, or caught a stomach virus that needs medical attention. One visit to the hospital could set you back thousands. Get the coverage you can count on so you can focus on the adventure ahead.

Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption

Are you planning a trip of a lifetime? The trip you’ve been waiting years to go on? What would you do if your trip had to be cancelled due to a natural disaster or an unexpected life event? Get yourself back on track and save your bank account with our Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage. Talk to of our brokers today for more information.

Non-Medical Travel Insurance Package

You may already have coverage for emergency medical insurance through another provider, but what about the frequent travel annoyances that have impacted everyone at some point or another? If you’ve ever missed a flight or had luggage lost, you know how helpful immediate coverage to set you back on track can be.

Coverage Without Boundary, Get Your Peace of Mind.

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