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Stay safe, near or far.

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Stay safe, near or far.

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Travel & Medical Insurance – Red Deer

Prepare for the Unexpected

Are you planning a staycation or do you prefer an overnight adventure? Wherever you go, travel and medical insurance is a requirement.

Enjoy your break while you keep you on track and you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Emergency Medical Insurance

An emergency during your vacation is a major inconvenience. But, what if you planned ahead? We can help you set up a detailed travel and medical insurance policy that matches your travel to-do list.

A broken ankle or a flu bug may not be a huge deal, unless you’re miles from home. Don’t get stuck with a major hospital bill. Instead, come to use for a foolproof travel plan.

Get the coverage you can count on so you can focus on your trek.

What if I have to Cancel or Interrupt my Plans?

A trip cancellation or interruption is not an easy thing to deal with. But with proper insurance, you won’t be stressed about a missed flight or a hurricane that sends you home early.

Our skilled brokers will help you prep you for the worst scenario. You’ll feel more at ease in the event of a change of schedule.

Talk to of our brokers today for more information.

Non-Medical Travel Insurance Packages

Imagine losing your luggage before or after a great trip. It’s either happened to you or you know someone who has had to deal with the hassle of replacing their belongings.

Non-medical travel insurance takes care of some of the annoyance and the cost of non-medical travel situations.

Get the latest information on different insurance packages before you leave for your trip.