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Construction Insurance: How To Build a Solid Policy

How We Help you Manage Your Insurance Policy

Whether you’re a contractor who needs insurance for your construction site, or a tradesperson in search of liability insurance, we can help!

Our brokers specialize in builders and construction insurance. We meet your evolving needs with a strong insurance policy that takes your budget and work needs into account.


Get the Right Coverage

We cater to residential and small commercial construction projects. What does this mean? We look at your individual situations on the job and fit an insurance policy to your needs.

Here’s some of our most popular insurance products:

Commercial General Liability Coverage: This insurance covers third-party claims such as bodily injury and property damage for contractors and project owners.

Course of Construction Insurance: If you have damage or a loss to your residential or home construction projects – we cover your losses.

Wrap-up Liability Insurance: This is insurance for a specific project from start to finish.

What Kind of Coverage Do I Need?

Do you install, build or fix home or commercial buildings? Then you know there are many risks your business may encounter.

On-site injuries and property damage are two of several issues that could arise. We have solutions for you, which include a suite of construction insurance products to help protect you and your business.

Below is a list of coverages we recommend for contractors:

Business Liability or Commercial General Liability: Covers you from liability losses including defence costs and third-party injuries.

Commercial Auto: If you need a vehicle in order to do your day-to-day business operations, a commercial auto insurance policy will protect you in the event of loss so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Equipment and Tools: You need the right equipment in order to do your job well and all those tools cost thousands of dollars. Get coverage in the event your tools or lost or stolen or unexpectedly damaged.

Installation Coverage: Protects the materials you use to do your job. This will cover you for damaged or stolen goods during transport to the job site, or on the job site before installation.

Get Better Rates

The world of insurance may seem daunting at times. That’s why working with a broker is so valuable.

There are a few ways to get touch with us: email us, call us, or fill out a quote request form. One of our skilled brokers will get back to you.

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