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Home Insurance for Red Deer Residents

Whether your home is situated on acres of farm land, in a new build, or in a condo in the downtown area, we’ll find you essential home insurance in Red Deer.

Home insurance quotes are available for many types of homes, from detached homes to condos. No matter what your living situation is, our experienced home insurance brokers will work with you to build your best policy.

We know that getting the right insurance policy for your home can be tricky.

That’s why our experienced brokers are always ready to help you save time and money and receive free home insurance advice. You don’t even have to be a Sharp Insurance customer to give us a call and get answers.

When you get a free, no obligation home insurance quote with us, you immediately get access to our network of insurers. With a single application, our brokers will do all the legwork for you and get you multiple quotes.

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Red Deer Home Insurance Facts

  • Central Alberta is the most densely populated rural area in the province.
  • The weather in the region is diverse. Wind and hail claims rank at the top of claims reported in Red Deer.
  • Red Deer is home to farmers who live on acres of farm land and individuals who live in the suburbs or the downtown area.

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Do you know what is the difference between home insurance and tenant insurance?

Home insurance is sometimes used as a blanket term for all types of property insurance – house, condo, and renter’s insurance.

Renter’s or tenant insurance, however, is property insurance designed specifically for renters or tenants.

It provides different coverage than traditional home insurance and is usually much more affordable.


Types of Home Insurance

What kind of home insurance should I buy?

Home insurance for Red Deer properties can run from a basic policy, offering the narrowest coverage available, all the way to a comprehensive policy covering an extensive art and jewellery collection.

Most people find themselves somewhere in between: They’re looking to protect their home, its contents, and any other structure on the property (detached garage, etc.) but aren’t quite sure exactly what kind of coverage they really need.

One thing we know for sure is that no two clients are alike and neither are their home insurance policies. That’s why Sharp Insurance offers a wide variety of coverage plans and endorsements. We can customize a plan for you so that you’re protected no matter what wildcard pops up. And since we deal with a network of insurers, our brokers can do the comparison shopping for you and find you a great rate.

While home insurance isn’t mandatory in Canada, lenders will generally require proof of insurance as a condition of financing. Even if you’re mortgage-free, unless you can easily afford to replace your home and its contents, you should ensure you have a policy in place.

Did you know?

Where you buy your home is one of top factors that impact your home insurance rates. Do your homework on the claim and crime rates before you move into a neighborhood.

Third Party Liability Insurance

A huge bonus, and something most people don’t know, is that many home insurance policies automatically include third-party liability. This covers you in the event that someone gets hurt at your house or you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property. This isn’t everything!

Did you know that third-party liability is global? This means that even if you live in Red Deer, your home insurance is like a security blanket you can take with you.

We know you probably have many questions, and our award-winning insurance experts are always available and happy to answer all of your questions. A home insurance quote is always free with us.

Home Insurance Endorsement

An endorsement, also known as a rider, means adding or supplementing coverage to an existing home insurance policy. Some of the most common items our Red Deer clients add coverage for include expensive jewellery, fine art collections, cameras, and sports equipment. While there’s some coverage for most of these categories in a general policy, the limits are typically low.

Weather Protection

Some of our partners offer a weather protection program. If you have a claim on your home’s asphalt roof or vinyl siding, this program will help prevent damages in the future by upgrading your home with weather resistant roofing and siding materials.

Give us a call to learn more about this new service and the service providers!

Find a Policy That Keeps You Safe.

Home insurance is critical to your financial freedom.

Flood Insurance in Red Deer

The City of Red Deer and surrounding areas have experienced several flood warnings and a local state of emergency has been declared. Basement flooding is by far the most common type of flooding in many homes. But many people require adequate protection. In fact, did you know that most home insurance policies don’t cover all types of flooding?

The June 2013 flooding was a shock for many Albertans. The damage was estimated at over $7 billion. Weather patterns have been changing globally for some time. Whether it’s wind and rain, excessive snow and snow melting, or rising river levels, flooding is a real concern.

Recognizing the need for home insurance options to protect Red Deer properties from overland flood damage, the insurance industry answered with a water protection endorsement. If you need more information about this option, give us a call and one of our award-winning brokers will be happy to answer any questions. Get you a free quote today.

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