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Red Deer Home Insurance Broker

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Red Deer Home Insurance Broker

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Home Insurance for Red Deer Residents

Red Deer is a great city to live in. Whether your home is situated on multiple acres of farmland, a new build, or in the downtown core, it’s important for you to get sufficient coverage for your home and its contents.

Sharp Insurance will help you find you a home insurance policy that works for your wallet and your situation. Our experienced home insurance brokers work on your behalf to save you time and money.
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Why Choose Sharp Insurance?

Sharp Insurance is a tech-forward, client-driven insurance brokerage based in Calgary, Alberta. It’s fast and simple to get a home insurance quote, which gives you immediate access to our network of insurers.

Sharp is one of Canada’s fastest-growing insurance brokers, with satisfied clients all over the country. Thanks to our tech-driven approach to serving clients, we can acquire insurance coverage they need.
Top 4 reasons Red Deer homeowners choose Sharp:

We’re independent.

Although we partner with numerous insurance companies, our priority is you.

We’re competitive.

Our network includes many high-rated insurers, so we can get you the best Red Deer home insurance coverage.

We’re experts.

Our brokers just don’t dabble in insurance – they’ve got decades of experience. We answer your questions, assist with claims and ensure your coverage is the right fit for you and your needs.

We’re digital.

Digital tools allow us to make insurance simpler. We leverage digital tools, like our online portal and app, to help improve your experience.

What’s Covered Under a Home Insurance Policy in Red Deer?

There is a difference between home insurance and tenant’s insurance. Home and tenant insurance both cover your personal liability and your contents, but home insurance also extends to the physical dwelling.

A home insurance policy can be a basic insurance policy or a comprehensive policy that covers valuables and add-ons including sewer backup and overland water coverage.

A home insurance policy will cover:

  • Personal property 

This type of coverage includes financial protection for your personal belongings after an incurred loss, including theft, fire and floods. If you have expensive items (e.g., jewellery) you may want to carry a special content limit policy to account for the extra cost of your belongings.

  • Dwelling insurance 

Coverage for the physical structure of your home, including the roof and sidings. It also covers structures that are attached to your home, such as a garage.

  • Personal liability 

Coverage for the physical structure of your home, including the roof and sidings. It also covers structures that are attached to your home, such as a garage.

  • Additional living expenses 

If you need to relocate to live in a hotel or a rental unit, this coverage pays for living expenses, including food, accommodation and travel — depending on your insurance policy details.

  • Detached structures 

Detached structures that are covered may include sheds or other structures that are on your property but not attached to your home. Check with our insurer for the details of this coverage.

Is Home Insurance Mandatory in Red Deer?

While home insurance in Red Deer is not mandatory, it’s highly recommended by insurers. An insurance policy will also be requested by your financial institution or mortgage lender if you’re borrowing money to buy your home.

Request a home insurance quote today. Sharp Insurance will help you find the perfect home insurance plan for your needs.

What Affects your Red Deer Insurance Rate?

Many different factors affect home insurance rates, including:

  • Your coverage limits and deductibles
  • House value and property type
  • Postal code
  • Credit score (you may need to opt-in for this to be a factor)
  • Insurance history and past claims
  • Condition of home

Common Red Deer Homeowner’s Insurance Endorsements

An endorsement, also known as a rider, means adding or supplementing coverage to an existing home insurance policy. Some of the most common items our Red Deer clients add coverage for include expensive jewellery, fine art collections, cameras and sports equipment. While there’s some coverage for most of these categories in a general policy, the limits are typically low.

Common Add-Ons for your Home Insurance Policy:

Flood insurance/overland water

Did you know that most kinds of water damage are not covered by your standard home insurance? Basement flooding is by far the most common type of flooding in many homes.
The June 2013 flooding in Alberta was estimated at over $7 billion in damages. Whether it’s wind and rain, excessive snow and snow melting, or rising river levels, flooding is a real concern.

Recognizing the need for home insurance options to protect Red Deer properties from overland flood damage, the insurance industry answered with a water protection endorsement. Call us to ask for more information. 

Sewer backup coverage 

Most home insurance policies don’t include coverage if your property is damaged from sewage backs up in your home. This endorsement will cover you if your sewer backs up due to an issue in your home, neighbourhood or because of a municipal storm system issue. 

Find the Best Home Insurance Rate in Red Deer

Thanks to our tech-first approach, Sharp Insurance has successfully helped many Red Deer residents find comprehensive home insurance policies that satisfy their risk management needs and lets them enjoy their home.

Keep your home secure and enjoy the good life with a solid and secure Red Deer home insurance policy. Give us a call or get a quote today.

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