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Whether you own a small Red Deer-based business or have several properties to manage, you’ll want to shop around for competitive insurance rates. It pays to prepare yourself for the unexpected. We offer all types of options, from home, commercial auto, condo to RV insurance.

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Is Insurance Mandatory in Red Deer?‎

Whether you have a vehicle or home to finance, a lender or bank will ask you to see an updated insurance policy. For most other personal and business insurance, you can decide on the level of protection you want that meets your budget and your lifestyle.

How to Get Cheap Insurance in Red Deer

With a population of just 100,000 people, Red Deer is the third most populous city in Alberta.

No two insurance policies are the same. So, it’s important to take your individual situation under consideration when you’re shopping for rates.

10 ways to reduce your premium
  • A consistent insurance history
  • Take transit, especially travelling to work
  • Discover info about your new community (claims, crime, fire hydrant)
  • Keep a good to great driving record
  • Decide on a higher deductible (if you can)
  • Make a claim only when needed
  • Bundle your car and home insurance policies
  • Drop or add an insurance option depending on need
  • Maintain a healthy credit rating
  • Notify your insurer when you install Winter tires

What Insurance coverage do I need in Red Deer?

The type of insurance that you need depends on what you own and where you live. Do you rent or own your home? Do you have three cars in the family, or do you walk everywhere? We provide the tools to match your personal situation.

What are the Common Types of Business Insurance in Red Deer?

You may have 20 employees or be the owner of a large company that requires business insurance. Whatever your size and business industry, you require adequate protection under several different circumstances. From a fire to a theft, with proper insurance coverage, you’ll be protected. Let’s cover the basics below.

7 Types of Business Insurance:
Professional Liability

We give you financial protection if you get sued by a client.

Property Damage

If you have a business, you probably have invested in office chairs, computers and other items. If you have a loss and any of these items are damaged, you have some financial security.



Commercial General Liability

CGL, Say a visitor gets hurt at your business, or their belongings get unintentionally damaged, you’ll be covered for the loss.

Equipment Breakdown

This coverage aids in the payment of repairs or replacement of damaged equipment.

Business Interruption

If your business is required to shut down (e.g. a flood), the business will receive money to help pay for rent, employee salaries, etc.

Cyber Liability

if your company has to deal with a cyberattack or data breach, you’ll be protected financially up to a certain limit.

Commercial Auto

any repairs needed for your company vehicles will be partly or fully covered.

What to Know Before Buying Insurance in Red Deer

There is a lot of information on insurance options, so your choices will depend on your budget and how and sometimes where you run your business or what neighborhood you live in.

But how do you know what you need? Our brokers are experienced in asking you the right questions so you can rest easy knowing your insurance coverage is the best it can be at the price that matches your needs.

What is a Loss Settlement Option?‎

A loss settlement option is the monetary value that your insurance company pays you after a loss. The settlement amount doesn’t include your deductible. So, you’ll be reimbursed your settlement amount after you pay your deductible. It’s always good to plan for a loss before it happens by selecting your loss settlement amounts when you set up your insurance policy.

Typically, your loss settlement options are actual cash value, replacement cost, or agreed value.

3 Loss Settlement Options:

Actual Cash Value

Often the most affordable option, actual cash value is the price the item is based on at today’s value. ACV is replacement cost minus depreciation, up to the set policy limits.

Replacement Cost

Replacement cost will cover the price you paid for the original item – up to a certain amount. This does not consider depreciation, but you’ll get more money back if you have a loss.

Agreed Value

Agreed value is the price the adjuster and the insured agree upon as the price that you’ll get after an insured loss.

It’s a good plan to write down a list of all the major items in your home, including your receipts. Don’t forget to include your small, expensive stuff that may be worth a lot of money to replace.

The Ideal Coverage for Everyday Needs.

Secure your belongings to save you time & money.

What Factors Impact your Insurance Rates?

Your insurance premium may fluctuate from one year to another, or when you’ve had one or more claims made on your home, for example. There are many elements that determine your insurance rate. Make sure to look at all factors, including where you decide to live as the community you live in may dictate your rates.

We can shop around for you and guide you every step of the way.

10 elements that affect your rates:
  • Your insurance record
  • Type of loss options
  • Policy limits
  • Coverage
  • Deductible
  • Your claims history
  • Your credit rating
  • Your demographics
  • Where you live
  • Insurance options

Why is Sharp Insurance the brokerage to work with?

We are a broker that cares about its people. But don’t take our word for it. We can show you how small changes to your insurance policy can lower your premium. As an independent broker, we are here to serve you the best way we can – whether its shopping around for the best rates to match your budget or to give you advise on the latest technology. There are other reasons you’ll be happy you choose us to work with:

We work for you

We connect your needs with a policy. The partnerships with our insurers offer you the best insurance for you – no more or less.

We offer you choices

You have the freedom to choose what you need based on your individual situation. Need extended coverage for your expensive home items? Give us a call.

We shop around for you

Get back to business or make time for more family time. Allow our brokers to shop around for you.

We give you digital choices

Forget about your messy glove compartment; pick up your phone to access your pink card or to make a claim. Fast and reliable service at your fingertips

We take good care of you

We want the same as you: to have the best possible rates and customer service. Peace of mind goes a long way.

How to Get a Free Online Insurance Quote in Red Deer

Getting an online insurance quote for Red Deer is easy with Sharp by your side. When it’s convenient for you, please fill out a quote form, email us or call us when it’s convenient for you

The more accurate information you provide us, will give us more leeway to get you the fastest, most accurate quote.

3 Easy Steps to get a free online quote:

  1. Request an insurance quote online, over the phone or by email.
  2. Keep your insurance policy documents ready.
  3. Ask us to shop around for you. You can get quotes from several different insurance companies.

Our Red Deer brokers are available to talk to you about your insurance options, like policy limits, and your deductible amount that will help determine your ideal insurance quote.

What are the Insurance Companies We Work With?

Our staff is ready to help you with every change in your life -from a new home to buying a new travel trailer. We work with major insurance companies in Canada. Red Deer is our home too, so we understand your potential stresses around price and cleaning up after fires and floods. Here are the insurers we work with:

  • Aviva Insurance
  • Intact Insurance
  • Economical
  • Wawanesa
  • RSA

Do you need insurance help on the road when you’re in rush hour or at work? The MySharp app and web portal helps you manage your insurance needs whenever and wherever you want. The app works on multiple platforms, including computers, tablets and smartphones. You can access and print your pink card, submit claims, request a change, or simply review your insurance policy details.

Ask for an insurance quote online or give us a call. Find out more about how we can help you with your insurance needs.