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Protect your Improved Lifestyle.

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High-Risk Car Insurance for Red Deer Drivers

A high-risk driver's record

A high-risk driving history in Red Deer can greatly impact your premium and add restrictions on your insurance policy.

Whether you’re using your vehicle for the family farm, or commuting for work, you’ll need to rectify your driving record.

So, what is a high-risk driver? It’s an individual who has had three or more at-fault accidents in the preceding six years, five or more traffic convictions within a three-year period, or a criminal code conviction, such as a DUI.

Improve Your Driving

Red Deer insurance rates are heavily dependent on an individual’s driving record and experience.

If you have had several accidents, it may take up to six years to clear your history depending on when you experienced your accidents. Convictions only stay on your report for three years and then it completely disappears.  Your rates will then improve.

Accurate Quotes

When you have had a few accidents or convictions on your record, it’s best to disclose everything that’s happened in the past to get accurate rates.

A copy of your driver’s abstract and claims experience letter may be requested, especially if you have lived outside of Alberta.

Our brokers will do everything they can to research and work on your behalf to find you rates that are within your budget.