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Home Insurance Edmonton

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Home Insurance Edmonton

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Edmonton Home Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Living in the capital city of Alberta means being one of one million residents who enjoy the city’s various activities and rich history. Edmonton was first inhabited by First Nations people, including Siouan, Athabaskan, and Algonquian origin. Long after its inauguration as a city in 1904, Edmonton became a historic site and a rich cultural, governmental and educational center.

If you’ve chosen to call Edmonton home, we’re happy for you.  

Whether you own a single-family home, a duplex, a townhouse or anything in between, having home insurance in Edmonton is important to make informed decisions for one of your most precious investments.

Our insurance brokers help you with insurance industry lingo and the details of your homeowner’s policy. We give you access to our latest digital tools to make learning and managing your insurance needs even easier.  We’re partnered with some of the top home insurance providers in Edmonton.

We also provide other types of insurance, like:

And more!

How to Get an Edmonton Home Insurance Quote

There are several different ways to get a Home insurance quotes in Edmonton:

What Are the Average Edmonton Home Insurance Cost?

You may find the average Edmonton home insurance policy to cost around $1,504/year, which evens out to $125/month. When it comes to home insurance, Edmonton is below the national average.

However, different factors affect home insurance costs, meaning not every homeowner will pay the same amount.  Factors like the size of your home, location, and even your credit score can all affect the cost of your insurance premium. It’s essential to shop around and compare Edmonton home insurance quotes from different insurers to find the best rate and get cheap home insurance that fits your specific needs. Don’t settle for one quote from one insurance company without exploring other options first.

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How to Get the Cheapest Home Insurance Rates in Edmonton?

While there’s no foolproof strategy to secure cheap home insurance rates in Edmonton, adopting certain measures can help in potentially getting affordable premiums. These steps include:

  • Opting to bundle your home and auto insurance policies with the same Edmonton home insurance provider can lead to significant savings, as many companies offer discounts for multiple policies.
  • Enhancing the security of your property with the installation of devices such as alarm systems, smoke detectors, and other loss prevention tools not only makes your home safer but can also make you eligible for reduced premiums.
  • A strong credit score is often seen as a sign of reliability, prompting many insurers to offer lower rates to individuals who maintain good credit.
  • Actively seeking out and comparing quotes from a variety of insurance companies can uncover the best rates available, ensuring you’re not overpaying for your coverage.
  • Periodically reviewing and adjusting your policy’s coverage levels and deductibles can lead to a more affordable home insurance premium. As your life circumstances change, so too might your insurance needs.
  • Many insurance companies offer a range of discounts for specific conditions, such as non-smoker discounts or reduced rates for homeowners with a history of no claims. It’s worth inquiring about these potential savings.

Beyond these actionable steps, it’s crucial to make a habit of regularly reviewing and updating your insurance policy. The value of your home and personal possessions can change over time, as can your coverage needs. Ensuring that your policy reflects the current value of your home and includes any new valuables or renovations is key to maintaining adequate insurance coverage.

Why Choose Sharp Insurance?

Sharp Insurance is one of Canada’s fastest-growing insurance brokerages, dedicated to serving its clients nationwide. We do what we do best, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry, plus our usage of the latest digital tools. Here are some of the many reasons why Edmonton homeowners choose to trust us

We’re independent.

We partner with the best home insurance companies — but we work for you.

We’re competitive.

We work with many different insurance companies to get you the best price for your Edmonton home insurance.

We’re experts.

Our Edmonton home insurance brokers are experienced and knowledgeable about insurance. We’re here to answer your questions, help with your home insurance claim, and make sure you’ve got the right coverage.

We’re digital.

We make insurance less complex. We have an online portal and app ( My Sharp ) that allows you to manage your insurance policy details when and where it’s convenient for you.

What’s Covered Under My Edmonton Home Insurance Policy?

There are many insured perils (events) covered under a home insurance policy in Edmonton. A peril is the cause of personal injury or property damage.

 12 common insured perils you’ll find in a standard insurance policy: 

  • Lightning
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Vandalism, theft, riot or other malicious acts
  • Explosion
  • Electrical current
  • Falling object
  • Weight of snow (roof collapse)
  • Impact of car or plane
  • Water damage (depends on your policy)

The events listed below are uninsured perils, meaning your insurer won’t pay for them unless you purchase them separately as add-ons. Some of the best insurance companies in Edmonton include these coverages in a standard comprehensive insurance package. Read through your insurance policy carefully and clarify any terms with your home insurance provider as they may differ according to different insurance providers. If you need extra coverage, consider adding endorsements.

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What Does Home Insurance in Edmonton Cover?

The basic purpose of home insurance is to safeguard your most valuable asset in case anything unexpected happens. But that doesn’t mean you should choose a policy that covers everything. Edmonton home insurance policies vary depending on the type of coverage they offer. Here are some common types of home insurance coverage:

Dwelling Coverage

This type of coverage protects the physical structure of your home, including the walls and roof, in case of damage due to fire, wind, hail or other covered perils. It also covers any other structures attached to your main house, such as a garage or shed.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage protects your personal belongings inside your home from loss or damage. This can include furniture, electronics, clothing, and other personal items. In some cases, it may also cover belongings that are outside of your home, such as in a storage unit or car.

Personal Liability Coverage

Personal Liability coverage protects you legally and financially if someone gets injured within your property or if you accidentally cause damage to another person’s property. Liability coverage can cover legal fees and medical expenses for the injured party, known as voluntary medical payments, for up to one year.

Loss of Use Coverage

This coverage can provide financial assistance for alternative housing and living expenses if your home is deemed uninhabitable due to a covered event, such as a fire or natural disaster. This can include costs for hotel stays, meals, and other necessary expenses.

Common Edmonton Homeowners Insurance Endorsements

Your Edmonton home insurance may not include all of what you need it to. This is where having endorsements can come in handy. Endorsements increase your existing coverage limit so that you can accurately cover your home.

Here are 6 of the most common endorsements. 

Home-based Business Coverage 

If you run a business from your home, it’s crucial to have coverage for any potential loss or liability related to your business operations. Most standard home insurance policies do not cover damages or losses caused by a home-based business, so speak with your insurance broker about adding this coverage as an endorsement.

Flood Insurance (Separate Policy) 

Many Edmonton residents may be surprised to know that their standard home insurance in Alberta does not cover flood damage. This is why it’s essential to consider purchasing a separate flood insurance policy for your home if you live in an area prone to floods. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your home and belongings.

Jewelry Endorsement 

A standard home insurance policy comes with a limited amount of jewelry coverage. If your jewelry collection exceeds this limit, consider getting additional coverage for more expensive pieces to ensure their full value is protected.

Sewer Backup coverage

Sewer backup covers water damage caused by the backup or escape of water or sewage from a sewer, septic system or sump pump.

Overland Water Damage 

This is an optional coverage that applies when water enters the property from an overflow of lakes and rivers during torrential rainfall or spring thaw. This coverage excludes overland flooding from tsunamis, tidal waves and intentional breaches of water (e.g., dams).

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Earthquake and Landslides 

Earthquake coverage helps to replace your belongings in the event of an earthquake with a specific deductible percentage range. Landslide coverage protects you against an overall movement of land mass in a downward or outward direction.


What Are the Types of Insurance Coverages?


Comprehensive Coverage

This is sometimes referred to as “all-risk” or “all-perils” coverage. It provides the broadest protection for your home and belongings, covering all insured perils unless they are specifically excluded from your policy. This type of coverage usually comes at a higher premium but offers more comprehensive protection.

Named Peril Coverage

Named peril coverage only covers events that are specifically listed in your policy. This means that anything not included in the list of each named insured peril will not be covered. Named peril coverage is usually less expensive than comprehensive coverage but offers more limited protection.

Basic Coverage

Basic coverage is the most affordable type of home insurance and typically only covers the property against a few specific perils. This can include events like fire, lightning, and explosion. Basic coverage is often paired with named peril coverage.

Home Insurance in Edmonton: Do You Need It?

It’s not mandatory to purchase home insurance in Edmonton, but it’s a necessity. Do you have enough funds to rebuild, repair, or replace your belongings and property if there’s a fire, or if someone were to take your furniture or electronics? For most of us, that’s a pretty tough call.

Why take the risk of losing everything? If you apply for a mortgage, most mortgage lenders will require you to buy an insurance policy, so be prepared to discuss the coverage you want for your home insurance policy. Our brokers will guide you to make the right choices and save money.

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Top 4 Reasons to Buy Home Insurance in Edmonton

  1. Your mortgage lender requests you to have coverage.
  2. Insufficient funds to replace or rebuild your home and contents.
  3. You don’t have to pay for a lawyer if you get sued by someone hurt in your home or if a visitor’s contents were damaged.
  4. Peace of mind when a loss occurs.

Factors that Determine Home Insurance Rates

To set Edmonton home insurance premiums, home insurance providers consider many factors. These factors assess the risk of insuring your home and determine your policy’s cost. Knowing these can help you choose the best coverage for your home.

Insurance and Claims History

Insurance companies will look at your past insurance history to determine your risk as a policyholder. If you have a history of making frequent or large claims, this may result in higher premiums as you are seen as a higher risk to insure. And if you remain claims-free, you will get a lower home insurance premium.

Cost to Rebuild Your Home

The average price of a home in the Edmonton area reached an all-time high of $420,959 for March 2024, a 7.9% yearly increase and a 3.3% monthly increase.

Contrary to popular belief, the cost to rebuild your home is not the same as its market value. Insurance companies will assess the materials and labour required to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss, which can often be more than its market value. This is why it’s important to ensure that your policy covers the full cost of rebuilding your home.

Age and Type of Home Systems

The age and type of your home’s roof, plumbing, heating, and electrical systems can also impact your rates. Older homes with outdated systems may be more prone to issues that result in higher premiums.

Home Construction

The construction of your home, including the materials used, can also affect your insurance premiums. For example, a brick home may be less susceptible to fire damage compared to a wood-framed home, resulting in lower premiums.

Risks on Your Property

Insurance companies will also consider any risks on your property, such as a trampoline or pool. These can increase the likelihood of injury and result in a higher annual premium.

Security and Loss Mitigation Devices

Having security or loss mitigation devices in place, like burglar alarms and sump pumps, can also impact your insurance prices. These devices reduce the risk of damage to your home and its contents, making you a lower risk to insure.

Square Footage of Your Home

The size of your home can also affect your insurance policy rate, as larger homes may require more coverage and be at a higher risk for damages.

Proximity to Emergency Services

How close your home is to emergency services like fire stations and hydrants can also impact your insurance premium rate. Homes closer to these services are seen as less risky and may result in lower premiums.

Natural Disasters

The likelihood of natural disasters in your area is also a factor. For example, living near a river or flood zone may increase the risk of water damage and result in higher premiums.

Policy Options

Your chosen policy options, such as loss settlement, policy limits, deductibles, and coverages, can also impact your insurance rate. Opting for higher coverage or lower deductibles may result in higher premiums.

Credit Rating

Finally, your credit rating can also play a role in determining your insurance rates. Some insurance companies use credit scores as an indication of financial responsibility and may view individuals with lower credit scores as higher risk. Maintaining a good credit score can help you save on your home insurance costs.

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Absolutely amazing service!
Thank you Megan Beck! Easy to understand instructions and the courtesy of making sure I'm fully taken care of before ending the call. Happy client!
I cant say enough this is the best insurance company I ever dealt with and can’t believe i was ever with anybody else. Tia helped me so much and was extremely kind I had never seen that care in all my years of dealing with insurance companies and I always dreaded the thought of having to deal with insurance! Their entire team is incredibly helpful, friendly and responsive and helped me in a breeze . I know very little about cars or insurance and they were so caring and helped me through all my issues. They work together as a team and even help each other as collaborative colleagues when one is busy and worked quickly to get my insurance. Sharp really knows how to pick the right people who actually care about what they do!I recommend to everyone and this is an amazing company eith amazing people! Thank you so much to Navdeep in sales who set me up, thank you Tia and Oana Alpopi for your knowledge and help and working so quickly to set up my insurance in a breeze. You guys are the BEST team ever!
Raniel went the extra mile in helping to rate my wife correctly when no one else was willing to help her after about 6 different insurance companies. Our old insurance company Johnson tried to screw us over however with Raniel's professional and expert guidance, we were able to successfully navigate the literal maze of stress. Thanks pal!
The process of working with you is seamless and it is greatly appreciated! Again, I would recommend this company and would ask for Kenneth to be your agent.
Casey was extremely helpful and very detailed. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and would recommend her to all my friends and family. Very professional and efficient, made the entire process easy and comfortable. Thank you Casey!
I had an excellent experience with Sharp Insurance. Relocating from BC and trying to navigate the private insurance sector was extremely stressful. Policies and deductibles varying by THOUSANDS of dollars a year. This was by far the fairest quote, easiest to understand, and the service was top-notch! Thanks Charles!
Kyle Lihaven helped me finalize insurance documentation for a newly purchased vehicle. He was very pleasant to deal with. I received the proper documents for the registry and a new glass policy was also issued immediately. Thank you!
I've been dealing with Sharp insurance for several years and it's always a pleasure. Dealt with Casey today and painlessly updated my auto and tennents policies.
Casey was probably one of the best customer service experience i have had in a decade. From being prompt, punctual, detail oriented and going over and beyond for last minute requests was unbelievable. She is an absolute 10 stars if there were.Highly highly recommend her. Just amazing.
From all the insurance companies that i called, with Sharp Insurance and with the Agent "Casey Epp" she helped me so much and conveniently with my quote and application, she's so calm and nice to talk to even with all the details throughout the whole conversation we had and we finished processing the policy in less than an hour. it was a smooth transaction and would highly recommend Casey 👌🏻👌🏻
I had very good service with Lilliana, she helped me a lot, she worked very hard to get me a good price I will refer sharpinsurance for those looking for a goodplace for insurance thanks again lilliana
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Kyle and Charles have been great getting my insurances organized from a distance as I am not local! Very happy with the services provided
I had a great experience with Stephen Robinson at the call centre. He was super friendly and helpful. Made it very easy to adjust my policy to meet my needs. Thank you Stephen!
Casey was an awesome help she did everything she could to make it happen and she responded quickly to my email!!!! I'm very happy with my new insurance!!
Smooth and hassle free experience working with Kyle Lihaven and Catherine Sinclair, highly recommend.
Used there suvices for years always happy to help and work with you at bettering your experiences
david wong was patient, informative, and friendly. thanks for all the help
Great service
Great customer service, Megan Beck was quick and very helpful!
Ms. Tia Nelson took her time to explain things for us very clearly. Thank you for the service! Hope Sharp Insurance will have more nice salesperson.
I had an awesome experience with the client care customer service name Dinesh Chopra as he was very accommodating to my insurance policy. He did a great job!
I had a great experience with Navdeep Sidhu. He was very helpful, patient and knowledgeable and addressed a concern I had with my policy invoice. He was professional, friendly and a pleasure to speak with. I believe he is an excellent asset for Sharp.
Great service!!Megan Beck was particularly wonderful. I had an issue and she was able to get it resolved in a timely manner.
David Wong was very helpful getting my app working and starting my claim.
Kenneth Martinsen is just great. He goes above and beyond with his level of service. If you need help with your insurance needs you should absolutely ask for Kenneth. Cant recommend highly enough A++++
Casey Epp was efficient, exceptionally friendly and exceeded my expectations in finding my new Auto insurance plan! I'd give more stars if I could.
Just had an amazing call with Kenneth while trying to get a quote from home insurance. He made the whole experience super easy. He was very understanding and accommodating while trying to find the best plan for me.
If you are looking for someone that will work hard to find you the best auto insurance rate, look no further than the team at Sharp Insurance. Casey Epp was absolutely amazing! She was quick to answer all of our questions, was clear about price breakdowns, and went out of her way to ensure that we received the best premium possible. Shopping around for auto insurance can be painful, but Casey made it a positive experience and we could not be happier to make the move over to Sharp Insurance.
I have received an excellent service by one of sharp insurance agent Mr . Dave Wong . I truly recommend him to anyone looking to buy insurance . He worked hard to find me a much better deal and save me a few hundred dollars . A big thank you to him . Always remember his name ( Dave Wong ) 😊 .
Thank you so much to Casey Epp, who helped me sort out my insurance needs and found me a great deal, very quickly! I appreciate her help and professional service!
Great customer service experience with Simran Bath. Very knowledgeable, courteous and professional 😊
Megan Beck at Sharp was great, she made requested changes to my policies including going to underwriter to get a small exception approved. Updated pink slip showed up in my email minutes later.The wait on the phone listening to elevator music till my call was picked up was painfully long 🙁
Great service over the phone
Great costumer service
Thank you Kyle Lihaven for your help today!If all insurance representatives were like you, I'd probably complain alot less about premiums 😉
Tia Nelson (the client care representative) has been very helpful and professional. She helped me settle my missed payment after I switched to a new insurance company, which could have been devastatingly painful if I had to pay the insurance company for a whole year as a penalty. When she immediately called me back after our first conversation, I had this feeling that she wouldn't just leave me waiting for a penalty note. She called the insurance right away to justify my circumstances and listened to her where in the end I was paying for the amount due, not the whole year. People like her could make a difference in your life.
Rep Kerry-Ann Morgan-Ellis is just simply the best more like her please
I would like to thank Kyle Lihaven for being so helpful and knowledgeable with both of my insurances. He was very professional and had a positive attitude throughout the phone calls we have had. He had clear communication and he took the time to truly understand my issue.I appreciate the information and advice you have shared. Many thanks for your assistance.
RehmanSami Piracha
I am a sharp customer for 9 years since I landed in Canada, they are good and responsive, however being close on both Saturday and Sunday is not a very convenient practice for its customers, moreover a bigger pain point is that their on-call wait time for a new customer and an existing customer vary by a large number which seems totally unfair and feel like exploitation of existing customers, I hope they will look into this, they do charge top dollars for their service so a better turn around seems like need of the hour.
Makes dealing with insurance so easy. Called in to make some changes and the Rep Megan Beck was so knowledgeable and really there to help. She was also very polite and kind.and answered all my questions with great solutions.
Kerry-Ann Morgan-Ellis was a terrific help bundling my insurance. Great rate!
Kyle Lihaven was very helpful in explaining the implications of the changes I made to my insurance policy and sorted out all issues promptly.
Casey Epp was wonderful to deal with. Service was fast, friendly and efficient. Very satisfied with my experience.
I have been with sharp for 10 years, and when I first bought my new Tacoma, I only had 9yr driving experience, and being young, they beat the competitions prices by half! Couldn't believe it. I shopped around years later, and still was the best price. Not hard to get ahold of them either.
Sharp Insurance is a great place for tenant insurance. They always take care of my concerns and questions!
I would like to thank Casey Epp from sharp insurance she was very helpful she went above and beyond to help me very nice lady I really appreciate your help you made my long day much easier!!!
I called sharp insurance. The wait on hold was intense. But once I got Kyle Lihaven on the phone. We talked and I explained what I had going on. He reviewed my policy. Got me the best rate available and also got it done the same day within 2hrs. I was impressed with the way he does his job. Excellent service. If you get to talk to Kyle Lihaven you won't be disappointed for a second. Keep up the great work. You are man
Commercial Agent Tarek Younan was very helpful and provided me with the right Documents in a timely manner.5 stars.
best service i had for long time Casey App awsome the only issue i have with is the waiting time on phone yo get an answer beside that its all good
Writing this specifically for Catherine Sinclair-account manager with Sharp Insurance. Who who deal with regarding brokers, and receiving results will vary.Catherine is responsive, professional, well informed and obviously takes pride in her role as a customer service representative.I can’t or won’t comment on Sharp personally but I’m still with them solely due to the time Catherine took to set things right. Thank you 🙂
Happy and contented with Sharp Insurance with the service I get from them. The customer rep who assisted me for the changes I made was Kerry-Ann Morgan-Ellis. She was nice, explained my policy clearly in a way that I can understand it and polite.
I have been with this company for years recently I spoke with Diyana Yang. she was extremely kind and helpful and addressed everything I needed dealt with
Our experience with Sharp insurance and Travis Stringer our broker has been nothing short of excellent. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, explained everything thoroughly, answered all of our questions, and made himself available to us outside of business hours and on his days off. He was committed to getting us the best deal possible with the absolute best coverage and when we bundled our auto into the package we saved 40% on what we paid years before. I would rate Travis 10/10. If you read this Travis.....Thank you from Sean and Britt!
Our experience with Sharp insurance and Travis Stringer our broker has been nothing short of excellent. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, explained everything thoroughly, answered all of our questions, and made himself available to us outside of business hours and on his days off. He was committed to getting us the best deal possible with the absolute best coverage and when we bundled our auto into the package we saved 40% on what we paid years before. I would rate Travis 10/10. If you read this Travis.....Thank you from Sean and Britt!
The customer service I received, especially from Kerry-Ann Morgan-Ellis, was excellent.
Travis Stringer was a absolute pleasure to work with, helped us out and got us what we needed quickly!
Kenneth Martinsen was a great help! Good customer service as always from the team at Sharp
I was with multiple other brokers for years, they never suggested anything in the way of savings or went out of their way for me. Coming to sharp insurance due to my wife's patronage. I called in the last 30 mins of the day, pleasantly I had my insurance added and a digital pink card in my email in less than 30 mins. We were informed of "multiple policy savings" on top of the timely service. Today I called sharp to figure out a clerical issue on my pink card and the service I received from Casey Epp on the customer service team, believe it or not was faster easier and more productive than my first effortless endeavor with sharps team. Not only did Casey meet and exceed my requests she suggested I need not wait on the phone for her to complete my request and she would contact me on completion. I was so enamored by the service and the timely correspondence I had to let the people know, Sharp insurance is the broker for you! Thanks for the help Casey Epp you rock!
Just spoke on the phone with Lissa Miller about my policy renewal for this year. She was accommodating. She answered my questions pretty well and I’m satisfied. Im Recommending Sharp Insurance to everyone.
If your in the market for a new insurance company look no further , sunny cao was wicked to deal with , provided great service and the lowest price I could find , thanks 👌
Kerry-Ann Morgan-Ellis was exceptional. Her knowledge and efficiency was impeccable, and courteous on top of that - Great Job, Thank you.
A bit of a long wait on the phone but Kyle Lihaven was fast, courteous and professional. he took care of my change and issued the required documents in a few minutes. I like this kind of attitude and way of working as I feel I am being dealt with in an expert manner with a no nonsense approach.
Overall Sharp is a good broker, but I would ask that wait times on the phone be shorter.
Bijour Kamangajo reached out to me responding to my email very quickly... responded immediately to my enquiry & provided solutions in a professional and connecting manner. She later updated me on the resolution... I couldn't be more impressed.Thank you Bijour
I've used sharp for the last 7 years and am very pleased with the interactions I've had with their team members. Kerry-Ann helped me this time with my new vehicle purchase insurance and made the experience very easy and enjoyable. Thank you!
Thank you Kyle Lihaven for helping me with my insurance renewals and access to the App.Very helpful and knowledgeable
Can’t say enough good things about Diyana Yang. She recently helped me with some insurance needs for my vehicle. She responded quickly to any emails and questions that I had. Great customer service!! Thank you Diyana Yang!
I got condo insurance through sharp. Kyle Lihaven did a great job dealing with me and my busy month, when I was at work we communicated through email and called for reminders, which was great, I was busy moving on days off and completely forgot. Great service, good deal and excellent help. Thank you Kyle 😊
Sharp Insurance has a wonderful team. I had the pleasure of meeting Kerry-Ann Morgan-Ellis, she was keen and patient, very knowledgeable helping me find solutions and benefits I didn't imagine I could have. Thank you Team Sharp Insurance.
I spoke with Kerry Ann Morgan Ellis at Sharp Insurance about some changes to my insurance and she was so pleasant and was able to to answer all my questions and concerns. She went above and beyond.
Great customer service
Great help. Thanks!
Lissa was very polite, super quick & helpful to speak with over the phone. She was fast and efficient & had our vehicle switched over right away. I appreciate the professional call , we even had a couple laughs. Thank you again !
Awesome customer service. Their staff Lissa Miller answered all my questions and gave me the best rate. We’re very happy and pleased with the service!
I Dealt with a gentleman named Travis Stringer for Motorcycle insurance, he was extremely helpful and professional. He also gave me a great quote haha
Thanks for all the help Diyana Yang!
Bijour Kamangajo took a confusing and difficult situation and took charge. Communication was clear, detailed, and her extra efforts were greatly appreciated. Experiences like this are why I stay with Sharp. 👍🏻
Great experience with Simran Bath, very helpful and communicative !
Very helpful! Quick to respond to all your matters , I strongly recommend Sharp Insurance, I have spoken with Sarah Patterson and Preet , and it was a great experience. Thank you both for all your help
I am very happy that I have been assisted by Ann Morgan-Ellis for my car insurance. She is very helpful, very polite, and very knowledgeable. She had helped me find lower insurance premiums. I wish her more success in her job. Due to her good job I will keep my loyalty to Sharp Insurance.
I have been assisted by Kyle Lihaven, a very polite, patient and understanding agent. He helped me out for about a week until we found a good deal. Kyle is one of the agents who puts the client's interests and thoughts first.
Overall, I was very satisfied with my experience.
Ms. Melissa Miller is a good customer service, she’s very helpful and she was very patient and professional. She is an asset to your company.
Kyle Lihaven was very helpful and kind! much appreciate his help and if anyone reading this needs help in the future, ask for him!
very helpful and you'll get the best quotes for your auto insurance requirements!!!
excellent customer service. Kenneth Martensen was professional and answered all my questions, and had my issues dealt with in a hurry.
Ms. Melissa Miller is bery helpful on our needs.

Find the Right Home Insurance Coverage in Edmonton that Fits

Uncover reliable, cost-effective, home insurance coverage in Edmonton

Sharp Insurance is dedicated to finding customized, reliable home insurance for Edmonton residents. Our tech-first approach allows us to utilize all the latest digital tools and prioritize the needs of our customers. Get a free home insurance quote in Edmonton by contacting us online, by email, by phone or by visiting a brokerage.

Click the Get a Quote button below and start filling out our quote form today.  

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Protect Your Home with the Right Edmonton Home Insurance Coverage

While getting the cheapest home insurance rate from a good insurance company in Edmonton may seem like a daunting task, there are steps you can take to potentially reduce your home insurance premiums. Bundling policies, increasing security measures, maintaining good credit, and regularly reviewing your coverage are all ways to save on home insurance costs. It’s also important to work with a trusted insurance broker who can help you navigate the process and find the best coverage for your specific needs. Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect your home today with a comprehensive, tailored insurance policy from Sharp Insurance. Contact us now for a free quote and get the peace of mind and financial protection you deserve.


FAQs: Home Insurance Edmonton

The average cost for home insurance in Edmonton is $1,504/year or $125/month; however, this can vary depending on various factors such as the type of coverage, the age and location of your house, and your claims history. Different home insurance companies have different metrics when calculating costs. It’s best to get a personalized quote from an insurance broker to determine the exact cost for your specific needs.

Alberta is a province that experiences extreme weather conditions such as hail, windstorms, and wildfires, which can cause significant damage to homes. This leads to higher insurance costs for homeowners. Additionally, the cost of building materials and labour have also increased in recent years, contributing to the overall expense of home insurance in Alberta. So, it’s important to review your policy regularly and make sure that you have adequate coverage to protect your home from potential risks. You could also consult with a licensed broker and inquire about how to get the cheapest rate and save money.

The best way to get a personalized quote for home insurance in Edmonton is by contacting an insurance broker. Brokers can shop around for quotes from different insurance companies and find the best coverage options for your needs at a competitive price. They can also provide expert advice and guidance to help you make informed decisions about your insurance policy.

Home insurance covers damages to your property and belongings caused by unexpected events such as fire, theft, or natural disasters. Mortgage insurance, on the other hand, protects the lender in case you are unable to make your mortgage payments due to illness, disability, or death. It does not provide any coverage for your home or personal belongings. Mortgage insurance is typically required for home buyers who make a down payment of less than 20% of the purchase price.

No, home insurance is not mandatory in Edmonton or any other city in Canada. However, if you have a mortgage on your property, your lender will most likely require you to have home insurance as part of your mortgage agreement. Even if you own your home outright, it is highly recommended to have home insurance to protect your investment and belongings from unexpected events.

It depends on your specific insurance policy and the extent of the damage. Most standard policies cover accidental and sudden property damage to someone else’s property, but it’s best to check with your insurance provider for clarity. You may also have the option to add additional coverage for voluntary property damage if desired.