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Fort McMurray Insurance Broker

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Fort McMurray Insurance Broker

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Why Use An Insurance Broker in Fort McMurray

There are many reasons to choose an insurance broker for your insurance needs in Fort McMurray. We help you with everything from your favorite roadster to hunting down optimal coverage for your home.

We know you have better things to do then spend hours reading through your insurance policy documents. Get access to one of our insurance broker’s know-how so you don’t have to. We act as a gateway to our insurance company partners who strive to meet your diverse insurance needs.


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Is Insurance Required in Fort McMurray?‎

Mandatory insurance depends on what you own or rent. If you drive a car in Fort McMurray, you’re required to have basic car insurance. If you go through a lender or bank for a house mortgage, you must show proof of an insurance policy.

If you don’t have enough money saved up to rebuild your home and replace all your belongings –then buying insurance to protect your investments is a smart investment.


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What’s Covered by Insurance in Fort McMurray?

You get to choose your insurance coverage based on your living situation and your hobbies. You can get full coverage for your home, car, and RV, for example. Or select the basic protection to get you out on the road.

Our Fort McMurray insurance brokers unearth a unique insurance policy to suit your life and your pocketbook.

What is General Business Insurance in Fort McMurray?

You run a small business out of your basement. Or, you’re a thriving medium-sized business that employs hundreds of employees. What insurance coverage do you need to keep your business in tip-top shape?

Your company is different from your competitors, so are your insurance choices. The first step is to decide what’s important for your business. Put your confidence in our Fort McMurray insurance brokers to guide you through the important decisions for you and your business.

7 Types of Business Insurance:

Professional Liability

This coverage helps you if you get sued and provides you with financial assistance.

Property Damage

This coverage protects you from losing money after a loss to your business property and items, including your furniture, computers, and other expensive items.

Commercial General Liability

If you unintentionally damage a visitor’s items or if they get hurt at your business, this insurance coverage will provide financial help.

Equipment Breakdown

Mechanical or electrical failures happen. This coverage helps you pay for repairs or replaces new equipment.

Business Interruption

If a flood causes your business to close, this coverage will help you pay for items, including staff salaries and the heating bills.

Cyber Liability

Cyberattack or data breach protection is available with this type of coverage.

Commercial Auto

This helps you pay for any damage to vehicles used for work purposes.

You want a tailored insurance policy to cover you when you need it the most. Start your journey towards a solid business insurance policy today!

What to Know Before Buying Insurance in Fort McMurray

Insurance options can seem endless when you’ve spent money on big ticket items, or you store your sentimental belongings at home. What is the best way to pick your loss settlement, your policy limits, and your insurance coverage options?

Let’s face it – your insurance policy documents are chock full of insurance lingo, boring to read, and time consuming. If you’re not a speed reader or dislike looking up terms in the dictionary, we help you translate your documents into easy to read information tailored to your individual needs.

What is a Loss Settlement Option?

You have an insured loss and you want to get reimbursed for that item. The amount of money you get back from your insurance company is the loss settlement option often predetermined in your insurance policy. But the dollar amount returned to you depends on three choices: actual cash value, replacement cost, and agreed value.


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3 Loss Settlement Options:

Agreed Cash Value

Also called the “fair market value,” or the purchase price minus depreciation. Actual cash value generally has a lower premium than the replacement cost option.

Replacement Cost

It will cover the cost of replacement, up to a certain amount.

Agreed Value

This is generally for specialty items like a classic car, artwork, or jewelry collection where the payout value is agreed upon beforehand and that’s what will be paid out.

What is a Policy Limit for Fort McMurray Insurance

A policy limit is the maximum amount of money your insurer will pay you after an insured loss. The limits are set by the policyholder at the time the insurance policy is set up.

But, how do policy limits work if I have a liability claim? If you have an insured loss that involves a third-party, (e.g. car accident) the maximum amount paid out by your insurer goes to the third-party for medical expenses and/or legal fees.

Since you’re required to choose your policy limits, you may need guidance. While options depend on what type of insurance you’re dealing with, if you’re not clear on what limits to set, contact one of our insurance brokers in Fort McMurray.


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What impacts your insurance rates in Fort McMurray?

While your neighbour may have insurance rates that make you jump for joy, you may be disappointed to find out your rates have a very different picture. Why? There are so many elements that go into calculating your individual rate. We’ve put together our top 10 list of things to consider that will affect your insurance rates.

9 Factors that Determine Insurance Rates in Fort McMurray:

  • Insurance report
  • Claims record
  • Your credit position
  • Your age
  • The neighborhood you reside
  • Your coverage options
  • Loss settlement choices
  • Policy limits
  • Deductible amount

If you’re educated about how different factors can sway your insurance rates, you’ll be a step ahead when you decide on what insurance company to go with.

What better way to feel confident about your rates than to have a knowledgeable advisor by your side.

Your insurer is likely close to your home or you can find an online Fort McMurray insurance broker who will help you, Contact Sharp Insurance Now.

What are the Best Insurance Companies We Work With in Fort McMurray ?

Like a solid team that runs a business, we wouldn’t be in a strong position to help you make decisions without a team of experts in the field cheering us on. Our major insurance company partners are just that; and our partnerships give you competitive insurance rates in Fort McMurray.


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How to Get Cheap Insurance in Fort McMurray

Most people have regular monthly expenses they’d love to reduce. Did you know there are many ways to save on your insurance rates? We have a dozen tips to get you started.

12 habits to reduce your insurance bill:
  • Make a claim if you can’t afford to pay from your personal funds
  • Link your car and home insurance policies
  • If you have an old vehicle, you may want to omit comprehensive coverage
  • Increase your deductible
  • Install anti-theft devices to your car
  • Tell your insurance company when you install winter tires
  • Eliminate gaps in your insurance reports
  • Take the train, bus, or walk to work
  • Discover the claim and crime rates of your community before buying a house
  • Maintain a great driving record
  • Keep your credit healthy
  • Stay with one insurance company long-term

A great way to save on you insurance is to shop around for competitive rates. At Sharp, we connect you with our insurance company partners that provide you with a range of price options and coverage options to suit your requirements.

Why work with us?

We treat your insurance needs like they’re our own. We advise you and negotiate on your behalf. We also provide you with excellent customer service and advanced digital tools. Here are a few more reasons:

We work for you

We match your insurance wants with an insurer that has your best interests at heart.

We offer you choices

You can choose what coverage level you want at the best rates for your home and toys.

We shop around for you

Our brokers love to shop around for you, so you can get back to business at home or on the road.

We give you digital choices

Forget about your messy glove compartment; pick up your phone to access your pink card or to make a claim.

We take good care of your needs

We want the same as you: to have the best possible rates and awesome customer service. We deliver!

How to obtain a Free Online Insurance Quote in Fort McMurray?

We know finding the right insurance policy is time-consuming. That’s why we offer you free online insurance quotes for Fort McMurray residents.

3 Simple Steps to get your quote:

  1. Call us, email or fill out our quick online form on our website.
  2. Get ready to share your home or car details to get a precise quote.
  3. Request multiple quotes from our five insurance company partners.

Give us a call or fill out our quote form today!

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