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Fort McMurray is the hub of 10 communities in the Wood Buffalo region of Northern Alberta and a major part of the province’s oil and gas industry. After years of consistent growth, the housing market has struggled to keep up with the many renters and buyers competing for properties.

Whether you own a home or a condo, make sure your investments and valuables are protected. Sharp insurance specializes in finding excellent home insurance in Fort McMurray.

Sharp Insurance is an award-winning brokerage with access to Canada’s top insurance markets. When you look to us to get your Fort McMurray home insurance quotes, our brokers do the legwork for you.

We’ll shop our network of insurers to find you the best rates and customize an insurance policy that works for you. We offer great coverage at competitive rates and our home insurance quotes are totally free and without obligation.

Our team of expert brokers knows that every homeowner has different concerns, and even if you live in a house that looks exactly like the one down the street from the outside, the interior finishing and the contents are totally unique.

We know that looking for home insurance can be a time consuming task, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. Have questions? Our brokers are a great resource, and they’re always ready to give advice. So give us a call! Let us get you a quote today so you can start saving money on your home insurance.

Get the Facts About Home Insurance in Fort McMurray

Finding home insurance in Fort McMurray can be quite exhausting. The past several years have been difficult for the city. Disaster has struck several times – residents have faced overland flooding and lived through a devastating fire which caused many to lose their homes.

Five rivers flow through Fort McMurray, and downtown sits at the apex of the Athabasca and Clearwater rivers. The city has seen its share of overland flood and sewer backups; water damage claims are among the top home insurance claims. In fact, there has been a significant increase in water claims across Canada over the past decade due to climate change.

At Sharp Insurance, our brokers are experts at navigating the home insurance industry. Put your mind at ease, and let us work on your behalf to find you the best protection at competitive rates. We’ll make sure you’re covered.

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Get the Right Home Insurance Coverage in Fort McMurray

Did you know that the average Fort McMurray home insurance policy often doesn’t provide enough coverage for special collections or highly value items, such as art, wine, jewellery, sports equipment, or camera equipment? That’s where additional coverage plans come in to supplement your policy and ensure you’re fully protected.

These coverage plans, also called endorsements or riders, are added to your existing home insurance policy so that you can enjoy your things without worrying about damage or loss.

Your home insurance might be complex, but your Sharp broker is here to advise and answer your questions. We can help you understand your policy, figure out what it covers, and make recommendation about what kind of endorsements you might like to add.

Did you know?

Where you buy your home is one of top factors that impact your home insurance rates. Do your homework on the claim and crime rates before you move into a neighborhood.

Get Better Home Insurance Rates

When you’re looking for home insurance in Fort McMurray, you’re really trying to find a balance of great coverage and a rate you can afford. Many factors go into determining insurance premiums and lots of these you have no control over (like your age). However, there are some things you can do to make sure you get the best possible rates.

Here are our top 7 tips to lower your home insurance premiums:

  1. Bundle your insurance. You’ll get a discount when you buy your auto and home insurance policies from the same insurer.
  2. Clean up your credit. A good credit history can result in lower insurance premiums. So make sure you’re making payments on time.
  3. Keep your home in tip-top shape and check in with your home insurance broker when you’re considering replacing or upgrading roofing, plumbing, heating, electrical, etc. These types of improvements lessen your risk of damage, which translates to lower premiums.
  4. Secure your home. Extra protection can add up to savings, so consider installing an alarm system and a smoke detector, as well as upgrading your door locks.
  5. Increase your deductible. Raising your deductible by as little as $500 can result in a discount.
  6. Are you mortgage free? Make sure your home insurance broker knows, and you’ll save at least 15%.
  7. Stop smoking. There are lots of good reasons to kick the habit for good, and now you can add lower home insurance rates to the list.

Weather Protection

Some of Sharp Insurance partners offer a weather protection program. If you have a claim on your home’s asphalt roof or vinyl siding, this program will help prevent damages in the future by upgrading your home with weather resistant roofing and siding materials.

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Get the Right Home Insurance Coverage in Fort McMurray

Getting the right home insurance coverage in Fort McMurray is the perfect mix of protection and price.

Flood Insurance in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray sits at the confluence of the Athabasca and Clearwater rivers and has a history of flooding. Not surprisingly, water damage is one of the main reasons behind the top Fort McMurray home insurance claims, and many people don’t realize that their home insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for every scenario.

In response to the flooding of 2013 and 2018, plans are underway to comply with new provincial regulations; however, these preventative measures will offer no property protection for homeowners. The fact is the weather patterns have been changing for some time. Whether it’s wind and rain, excessive snow and snow melting, or rising river levels, flooding is becoming an inevitability for many residents of Fort McMurray.

Until recently, overland flood insurance was either not available or was prohibitively expensive. Now, it’s being offered on personal home insurance policies. Recognizing the need, the insurance industry answered with an affordable water protection endorsement that’s easy to add to qualifying policies.

You can give us a call to learn more about overland flood insurance and get a free home insurance quote.

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