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Medicine Hat Insurance Broker

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Discover Your Insurance Needs in Medicine Hat

You may live in Southeast Hill or prefer the inner city neighbourhood of Riverside. Wherever you rest your head in Medicine Hat, you’ll need insurance.

Get insurance protection you’ll want to brag about.

Is Insurance Mandatory in Medicine Hat?‎

If you drive a car or motorcycle in this Southeastern city, it’s the law to carry a standard car insurance policy. If you own a home, condo or you’re a renter, a solid insurance policy is a necessity. When homeowners take out a mortgage, the lender or the bank requests an insurance policy.

How to Get Inexpensive Insurance in Medicine Hat

Many people hunt for cheap insurance rates. Rising auto and home insurance premiums in Alberta have led to comparison shoppers. Luckily, our brokers do the legwork by taking your personal details and searching for an ultimate low insurance rate. But price is only one part of the puzzle.

You may have a dirt-cheap premium but does your policy sufficiently cover your needs? First off, figure out how you can lessen your insurance rate. Ask one of our brokers for more information. Until then, here are a few tricks to lower your premium.

10 Ways to Reduce Your Insurance Bill:
  • Submit a claim if you can’t pay yourself
  • Combine your car and auto policy
  • An older car has different requirements than a new one
  • Select a higher deductible
  • Install winter tires and tell your insurance company
  • Avoid a short-term disruption in holding an insurance policy
  • Take transit or car pool to work
  • Avoid a neighborhood with a high claim and crime rate
  • Have a strong credit score
  • Be a safe driver in all seasons

If shopping gets you down, reach out to one of our skilled insurance brokers to start a conversation about your insurance needs. We love helping our customers discover ideal rates and policy options.

What insurance coverage do you need in Medicine Hat?‎

With a population of about 63,230, Medicine Hat has come a long way from its origins as a railway town. The community you choose to live, your insurance claims history, and the age of your car all play a part in determining your insurance rates.

So, don’t compare your rates with your friends and neighbours; they won’t match up. Also, every insurer calculates their rates differently. One of our five insurance company partners can set you up with a personalized insurance rate to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

What are the Different Types of Business Insurance in Medicine Hat?

There are a variety of industries that still thrive in Medicine Hat. Once called Gas City, the city is home to a multitude of small businesses, and all must carry sufficient business insurance. Your business insurance covers everyday events, such as slips and falls and storms that cause damage to office buildings.

7 Types of Business Insurance:

Professional Liability

If you get sued, liability protection will cover you.

Property Damage

You’ve spent lots of money to start your business or expand. Don’t get caught with a huge bill after a theft or fire.

Commercial General Liability

Your business is like your second home. Events that happen inside or outside the premises can cost you a huge amount of money if you don’t have the proper insurance coverage.

Equipment Breakdown

Your equipment will eventually break down, so expect to pay for replacement or repair. Breakdown insurance coverage helps you pay for the repairs and replacements.

Business Interruption

There are many events that could close your business: flood, fire, theft. Depending on the coverage and the business, business interruption will help you financially.

Cyber Liability

Now more than ever, you need to protect your company from a data breach or cyberattack.

Commercial Auto

Your vehicles are the bread and butter of your business. Protect your most valuable assets.

The right protection will depend on your company’s insurance needs and budget, so it’s a good idea to work with an Medicine Hat insurance broker to ensure you’re getting the optimal coverage.

What to Know About Buying Insurance in Medicine Hat

Like a coach encouraging you to play a game or to lift weights, a broker is someone you can trust to fine-tune your insurance policy and slim down your rates. Why venture out on your own on your insurance path. Take one of our expert brokers along for the trek.

A strategy to find the optimal insurance coverage options and ideal rates is in your reach. It’s easy and quick to get a free online quote or call us to get the details.

What is a Loss Settlement Option?

In the insurance world, a loss settlement option is money that your insurer will pay you after you suffer a loss. A fire, theft, flood or vandalism are all insured losses and a sound policy will protect you and your belongings when you need it the most.

Below are three options for most types of insurance – for everything from your car, recreational vehicle to your home or condo.

3 Loss Settlement Options:

Agreed Cash Value

Also called the “fair market value,” or the purchase price minus depreciation. Actual cash value generally has a lower premium than the replacement cost option.

Replacement Cost

It will cover the cost of replacement, up to a certain amount.

Agreed Value

This is generally for specialty items like a classic car, artwork, or jewelry collection where the payout value is agreed upon beforehand and that’s what will be paid out.

Home Insurance Tip

Keep a detailed list of all the items in your home, condo or apartment in case a loss ruins all your personal items. Put your receipts in a safe place and plan for the worst-case scenario. No one likes to plan for a disaster, but it will save you time and money in the long run.

What is a Policy Limit

The maximum amount of money your insurer pays you or a third-party after an insured loss is your policy limit. While the minimum car insurance liability amount is much lower, we highly recommend you carry $3 million in liability coverage.

If you need to chat with one of our insurance brokers, they’ll walk you through the fine print of your insurance policy and explain what a policy limit is.

What Elements Impact your insurance rates in Medicine Hat?

As car and home insurance rates head north in Medicine Hat, people turn to the Internet to search for how to get the lowest insurance rates. This is a decent strategy. But how do people benefit from calling a broker instead? It may be nonsensical to think about value over price, but it works.

We help you set up an insurance policy that will cover all your needs in case of an emergency. You’ll be glad you didn’t just focus the price of your insurance.

10 Factors that Change Your Insurance Rates:
  • Claims history
  • Your credit rating
  • Personal details (age, marital status, etc.)
  • Your neighborhood
  • Coverage options
  • Your insurance history
  • Loss settlement type
  • Policy limits
  • Coverage options
  • Deductible amount

Many elements, in and out of your control, can change your insurance rates. It’s prudent to review your insurance policy every year for any changes to your life that may impact your insurance rate.

We help you clarify your insurance options today. Let’s start with a free quote.

What are Medicine Hat Insurance Companies We Work With?

Part of our growth in the last decade is thanks to our stellar partnerships with five insurance companies in Canada. We pass on our benefits to you in ways you may never see; we offer you a selection of options and a wide range of insurance rates.

Why Choose Us As a Brokerage in Medicine Hat?

Every insurance company offers different insurance premiums. As an independent brokerage, we understand living in Medicine Hat makes you unique. So, we give you what you a tailored policy for what you need and want.

We go out of our way to compare rate options and match you with one of our valued partners. Why?

We work for you

We match your insurance wants with an insurer that has your best interests at heart.

We offer you choices

You can choose what coverage level you want at the best rates for your home and toys.

We shop around for you

Our brokers love to shop around for you, so you can get back to business at home or on the road.

We give you digital choices

Forget about your messy glove compartment; pick up your phone to access your pink card or to make a claim.

We take good care of your needs

We want the same as you: to have the best possible rates and awesome customer service. We deliver!

How to Secure a Free Insurance Quote in Medicine Hat

Yes, an insurance quote is free. We want you to find the optimal insurance rates and we’re happy to help you out. Ask us questions and we’ll give you solutions you won’t get anywhere else.

It’s quick and easy to get a reliable, free quote. 

  1. Use your phone, email or come see us in person.
  2. Keep your insurance documents or the MySharp app ready to provide your insurance information
  3. Request quotes from separate insurers in Medicine Hat.

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