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What to Know About Motorcycle Insurance in Medicine Hat

Your Motorcycle Insurance Plan

You may be a newbie rider or a veteran solo rider. Whatever your experience, you need a solid insurance plan before you ride your bike.

We make it easy to secure an insurance plan that’s just right for you. For reduced insurance rates, you can add your motorcycle policy to an existing auto policy.

We also offer you:

  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Bundling discounts (car & motorcycle)
  • Multi-motorcycle discountsGet advice on the best options to suit your lifestyle.

6 Tricks For a Safer Ride

  1. Anticipate a drivers direction by watching their cars’ movements.
  2. Plan your route and your strategy on and off the exit ramps.
  3. Make sure people see you by wearing bright gear. Turn on your high beams.
  4. Motorcycles equipped with antilock brakes are 37% less likely to be in a fatal crash. (source: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.)
  5. Always ride with your helmet, eyeglasses and some protective gear that can prevent injuries.
  6. Like any gear, helmets deteriorate over time. Buy a new one when you start seeing wear and tear.

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