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Edmonton Construction Insurance: How to Get Solid Protection

Construction & Liability Insurance Edmonton

Whether you are a contractor looking to insure your construction site, or a tradesperson needing liability insurance, we’ve got you covered. We understand the evolving needs of risk management in the construction industry, which is why our brokers can custom-tailor coverage to suit your needs.

Get the Right Coverage

We offer a variety of different insurance products catered to residential and small commercial construction projects. Here’s a list of some of our most popular items:

Commercial General Liability Coverage – Insurance for third-party claims such as bodily injury and property damage for contractors and project owners.

Course of Construction Insurance – Insurance for damage or loss to residential or home construction projects.

Wrap-up Liability Insurance – Insurance for a specified project from start to finish.

Recommended Coverage

Are you in the business of installing, building or fixing residences or commercial buildings? Then you know there are a lot more risks than most other businesses. From on-site injuries, property damage, to equipment failure, anything can happen. That’s why we have a suite of construction insurance products to help protect you and your company.

Here’s a list of coverages we recommend for contractors:

Business Liability or Commercial General Liability: Covers you from liability losses including defence costs and third-party injuries.

Commercial Auto: If you need a vehicle to do your day-to-day business operations, a commercial auto insurance policy will protect you so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Equipment and Tools: You need the right equipment in order to do your job well and your tools can cost thousands of dollars. Get coverage in the event your tools are lost , stolen or unexpectedly damaged.

Installation Coverage: Protects the materials you use to do your job. This will cover you for damaged or stolen goods during transport to the job site or on the job site before installation.

Get Better Rates

Chartering your way through the world of insurance may seem overwhelming. That’s why a broker is so valuable. We’re here to take the guess-work out of insurance. Submit a quote request online or give us a call. We’ll find you comprehensive coverage so you can work with confidence.

Get Your Project Covered, Work with Confidence.

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