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Edmonton Travel Medical Insurance

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Edmonton Travel Medical Insurance

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Edmonton Travel & Medical Insurance

Edmonton Travel Medical Insurance: Travel Insurance Packages

Whether you’re escaping Edmonton’s unforgiving winters or planning a camping trip across the border, a good travel insurance package makes all the difference.

Plan for the unexpected while you live a life of adventure, backed by our flexible travel coverage options.

Edmonton Travel Medical Insurance: Emergency Medical Insurance

When you travel outside of Canada, you can pack all your essentials with you, except for your health coverage. No one plans to get sick or injured on vacation. But you never know when that stomach bug is going to hit, or when that little fall requires stitches.

Without the proper health coverage, you could be stuck paying thousands of dollars in medical expenses out of pocket. Our comprehensive emergency medical insurance will leave you resting easy on your next vacation or business trip.

Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption

Planning a trip can be just as exciting as actually being on the trip. But what happens when your trip is unexpectedly interrupted or cancelled?

Many factors could affect your trip such as job loss, illness, or a death in the family. We have coverage for the unexpected. We may not be able to stop a hurricane, but we can protect you against the financial storm.

Non-Medical Travel Insurance Package

There’s more to travel insurance than just emergency medical you may already have through another provider.

We can find you additional coverage that’s perfect for you. A frequent flyer who needs coverage for things like missed flights and lost luggage. Please chat with us about creating your custom travel package.