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Lethbridge Travel & Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance Lethbridge

Lethbridge is a stunning place to live, but there is so much more to explore out in the world! Whether you’re planning a European sightseeing tour or a cruise to Alaska, our customizable travel insurance packages have something for everyone. Get a Quote today or talk to one of our brokers for more information before you go on your next great adventure.

Emergency Medical Insurance

No traveler ever plans on getting sick or injured while on vacation, but unfortunately, there’s no guarantee for that. But, there is comprehensive Emergency Medical Insurance which will cover your medical expenses saving thousands in unwanted hospital bills.

Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption

Planning your next adventure is almost as fun as actually being on the adventure, but what happens when things don’t go according to plan? If you have to cancel your trip due to illness, job loss, or death in the family, you could be out the cost of your entire trip. Or, if you’re destination has experienced a massive hurricane you may need to get out of there fast. That’s where we come in. Our Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage will get you back on your feet and ready for the next adventure in no time.

Non-Medical Travel Insurance Package

You may already have emergency medical travel insurance through another provider, but you may want coverage for things like missed flights, lost luggage, and more. for that, we have customizable travel packages to meet your travel needs.

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