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Home to a variety of economic and cultural activities, Lethbridge offers many housing options in more than 40 neighbourhoods. From houses built at the beginning of the 20th century, to new subdivisions, condos, and more, real estate options in the city are diverse.

Whether you’re a student renting in West Lethbridge, a homeowner in a single family dwelling, or a resident of a downtown condo, everyone with a home has one thing in common, we all need tenant or home insurance.

So where do you start? With a home insurance quote from Sharp Insurance!

A quote from Sharp Insurance is always fast and free, and there’s never any obligation. Our brokers aren’t only experts in home insurance; they’re also experts in simplifying the world of insurance. We encourage you to give us a call to ask questions and get free advice.

At Sharp Insurance, we deal with some of the top insurance companies in Canada, but we’re still independent, which means we work just for you. We’ll look for the best rates and help you customize a plan that’ll provide the coverage you need. When you get a free condo or home insurance quote, our Lethbridge home insurance experts will do some comparison shopping for you!

For most people, a home is the biggest investment they’ll make in a lifetime. Our team knows that every client has different concerns, and that’s why no two home insurance policies are the same. You’ve worked hard for your home and everything that’s in it, now make sure your investment is protected.

Let us get you a free, zero-obligation quote today so you can start saving money on your home insurance.

Weather Protection

Weather across Alberta is changing, and it’s had a substantial impact on home insurance in Lethbridge and around the entire country. Lethbridge has long been known as the ‘windy city’, so it’s not surprising that wind damage is the cause of the highest reported claims in the city.

Hail damage, sewer backup, and flood damage are also significant risks for every homeowner.

Keep your home safe and protected with the right coverage for you. Not sure what you need? That’s what we’re here for! Talk to one of our home insurance specialists today.

Insurance for Homeowners and Snowbirds in Lethbridge

Whether you’re looking for home insurance or condo insurance, we can find a policy that fits you perfectly and protects your biggest assets.

We know buying insurance can be exhausting; you might not be sure what you need, but you definitely want the best coverage for the best price. Sharp Insurance has a team of knowledgeable brokers who are ready to walk you through the insurance maze.

Home Insurance

While home insurance isn’t mandatory, most lenders and many landlords do require proof of insurance. But more than a requirement, a good insurance policy is truly peace-of-mind protection.

Our home insurance plans in Lethbridge are incredibly customizable. We also offer the most options because every property is different. An insurance policy should consider the home itself, including interior and exterior building materials, electrical, plumbing, water tanks, and furnaces, as well as the contents.


For condo owners, home insurance is almost always mandatory because you’re sharing space with other owners. In addition to insuring your unit and its contents, you also get:

  1. ‘Improvements and Betterments’ coverage if you’ve upgraded any finishings in your unit or if you’ve added things like closet organizers or built-in shelves.
  2. ‘Loss Assessment’ coverage if you need your policy to pay your portion of a special assessment caused by any loss to a common property. It’s true that you need insurance to protect your unit, but you also own a portion of the common space in your building.


Is business or pleasure keeping you away from home for extended periods of time? Do you need to make changes to your Lethbridge home insurance if you spend the winter away? To ensure your policy stays in full effect in your absence, you must:

  1. Tell your insurance broker that you’re going to be away.
  2. Have a responsible adult check in on your property every three days.

Did you know?

Where you buy your home is one of top factors that impact your home insurance rates. Do your homework on the claim and crime rates before you move into a neighborhood.

Ways to save Money on Your Home Insurance

There are several things you can do to lower your home insurance premiums and decrease your risk. Insurance companies will take into consideration any updates (upgrades or replacements) done to your house, as well as installations, such as sump pumps, alarm systems, and roof replacements.

Additional Coverage Options

Did you know Sharp Insurance offers a wide variety of additional coverage options for your Lethbridge home insurance? If you have expensive pieces of jewellery, tech and / or camera equipment, valuable collections (art, wine, coins), or any other kind of valuable possessions, talk to your home insurance broker about the best way to protect yourself and the things you love.

Endorsements, also known as ‘riders’ provide coverage over and beyond what’s included in your home insurance policy. As a consumer, it’s important to educate yourself as to what you’re actually covered for. In most policies, there are limits for personal goods. For example, some policies may include only $1500 CAD coverage for computers / stereo equipment. So, if you have a high-end laptop, a tablet, and an excellent entertainment system, you’ll quickly exceed this limit.

Get the Right Home Insurance Coverage in Lethbridge

Getting the right home insurance coverage in Lethbridge is the perfect mix of protection and price.

Flood Insurance in Lethbridge

Even though Lethbridge is the 11th driest city in Canada, flooding is still a concern for the city. Over the past five years, a state of emergency has been declared several times in the county as a direct result of flooding.

Spring and summer storms can drop large amounts of rain over short periods of time, and the drainage systems can become overwhelmed. In the winter, rapid snow melts pose a similar threat. As a result, many residents have had first-hand experience with basement flooding.

As a homeowner, it’s important to understand what your Lethbridge home insurance covers and what it doesn’t. The majority of policies cover some water damage (if it’s sudden or accidental) but don’t provide coverage for flood damage.

It’s also important to know when your home was built. In Lethbridge, the municipality has changed the residential building code requirements several times in an attempt to mitigate basement flooding. Newer structures (post 1995) should be equipped with sump pumps, which can lower your home insurance premiums.

In the past, flood insurance wasn’t available to many homeowners, but following the devastating Alberta floods in June 2013, the insurance industry answered with a water protection endorsement that’s easy to add to your existing home insurance policy if you qualify for the endorsement.

The 2013 floods were devastating and totalled over $7 billion in losses. They were a wakeup call for many without the right home insurance in place. The fact is weather patterns have been changing for some time. So whether it’s wind and rain, excessive snow and snow melting, or rising river levels, flooding is inevitable for many Albertans.

Make sure you’re protected. Please give us a call if you need more information or if you’re looking for home insurance quotes in Lethbridge.

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