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Get on Track Before you Head Off-Road.

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Get on Track Before you Head Off-Road.

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ATV Insurance in Lethbridge 

Your Best Option for Adventure 

Riding an ATV can be exhilarating; discovering new trails and using your ATV for hunting or fishing can be an outdoor person’s dream. There are many options of all-terrain vehicles to choose from to satisfy even the pickiest of ATVers in Lethbridge.  

While ATV insurance is not mandatory in Alberta, it’s essential to find a solid insurance policy to mitigate risks. Also, you’ll want to protect your pocketbook as the price of an ATV ranges between $8,000– $10,000 or more. You also may require insurance if you finance the purchase of your ATV through a lender. 

See the city of Lethbridge through a different lens by taking the path less travelled. Take your ATV out for fun and adventure close to home. But, before you go out on your next off-roading trek, be sure to get the ATV insurance policy you need.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover? 

No two trails are the same, just like two insurance policies. It’s easy to customize your insurance coverage through our flexible packages. 

ATV Insurance Covers: 

  • Collision incidents 
  • Theft and vandalism 
  • Liability for third-party damages and injuries 

If you want to save money, add your ATV to your car insurance policy. You can always ask one of our expert brokers how!

What Factors Impact your Insurance Rate 

The cost of ATV insurance in Lethbridge can range from $40/month to $200/month, depending on many factors. The cost of your ATV insurance in Lethbridge can vary based upon: 

  • The value and condition of your ATV 
  • The model and make  
  • Horsepower 
  • Where and how often you use your ATV 
  • Your insurance history 
  • Your driving record  
  • Coverage options, limits and deductibles 

Additional Coverage Options for ATVs in Alberta 

Although additional insurance coverage options for your ATV may not be as extensive as your primary vehicle or home insurance policy, many insurers offer optional coverages, including the following coverages:  

Family Protection

This optional coverage is designed to extend existing third-party liability coverage for certain vehicle accidents, particularly in cases where the other driver involved in the event doesnt have enough of their own coverage to pay for any injury insurance claims. 

Unlicensed Operator Protection

This add-on permits an off-road vehicle, such as an ATV, to be used solely on private property by unlicensed (of-age) operators.

How to Get Cheap ATV Insurance in Lethbridge 

You can cut down on your ATV premium a few different ways. Here’s our top tips: 

  • Shop around with the help of Sharp broker to compare quotes. 
  • Raise your deductible. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium. 
  • Own an ATV that has a high safety rating. 
  • Bundle your auto and ATV insurance policy. 
  • Annual insurance coverage review. 
  • Avoid making unnecessary claims for issues you can fix yourself.  
  • Eligible discounts. 

Working with an insurance broker from Sharp is one of the true and tried ways of getting more affordable ATV insurance in Lethbridge. Give us a call today.

How Do I Get a Free ATV Insurance Quote in Lethbridge? 

An ATV insurance quote is easier than ever with Sharp Insurance brokers by your side. Simply click on the Get a Quote button below or at the top of this page. We offer you an efficient, fast service so that you can set up your insurance ahead of your next weekend trip or longer adventure in or outside of Lethbridge.  

Sharp Insurance is dedicated to finding its customers the best insurance. As one of Canada’s fastest growing brokerages, we work hard to develop innovative tools that improve your insurance journey — every step of the way. Thanks to our passionate employees and digital access, we’re proud to say we can consistently provide a best-in-class experience by acting on our customers’ needs. 

We have a partnership with some of the top insurers in Canada that allows us to find awesome coverage at reasonable prices.  

Do you have another type of bike? We also insure: 

  • Dirt Bikes 
  • Snowmobiles 
  • Can-Am Spyders 
  • And more 

We always take your questions seriously. Ask how we make it easy for you to get great ATV insurance.

ATV Insurance FAQs 

If you make modifications to your ATV, you should first check with your insurance broker to see if your insurance policy coverage or premium needs to change. Typically, any added parts or modifications you make to your recreational vehicles may not be covered. Certain aftermarket modifications cannot be insured, so always consult with one of our Sharp Insurance brokers in Lethbridge before you make plans to alter your ATV. 

Under provincial jurisdiction, ATVs are not allowed on public roads or streets, but are allowed in designated public park areas. The ATV driver must have a driver’s license. It’s vital to inform yourself on municipal bylaws related to riding your ATV before you go on your next adventure.

In Alberta, if you operate your ATV in designated areas in public parks, you are not required to carry liability coverage and may be insured under a standalone policy or added to an existing home insurance policy. It’s always important to discuss your insurance options with an insurance broker. Note that making a claim while your ATV is insured under either a home or auto policy will affect those policies rates. 

Yes, in most circumstances you will have to pay your deductible in Lethbridge. Typically, if your ATV is stolen, you won’t have to pay your deductible. Check with your Sharp Insurance broker about your specific situation today.