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Prepare For The Unexpected.

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Prepare For The Unexpected.

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Lethbridge Event Liability Insurance

Event Liability Insurance

You don’t have time to worry about a disaster at your next event.

Our business will protect you from any potential legal implications should your special day not go exactly as planned.

Our productive brokers will help you customizable your policy for your next function. We know that not every event is the same, so we build your insurance policy accordingly.

4 Common Event Risks

  • Scenario 1: You host a New Year’s Eve party and one of your guests falls and gets injured.
  • Scenario 2: You are hosting a wedding and there is damage to the property or venue.
  • Scenario 3: You are hosting a fundraiser and there is liquor involved.
  • Scenario 4: You are running a kiosk at an event and a vendor injures their back lifting merchandise.

What We Offer You

We can help you get insurance for any of the following events and more.

  • Meetings
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Fundraisers
  • Award Presentations
  • Concerts
  • Banquets/Luncheons
  • Reunions

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We’re connected with the top insurance providers in Canada. These partnerships allow us to give you advice and competitive premiums.

Event liability insurance is short term insurance. The cost of insurance is small compared to protecting your guests, the vendors, the venue and you.

Speak to one of our brokers today – we help you feel secure while you plan your next event.