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Portrait of a happy waiter opening on the doors at a cafe and smiling - small business concepts

6 Liability Risks for Small Businesses in Alberta

The number of small businesses in Alberta increased by 12% from 2012 to 2017, which reflects this province’s entrepreneurial spirit. Liability risks for small businesses…

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Rear View Of A Shocked Man Standing In Parking Lot After His Car Was Stolen

Am I Covered if My Car is Stolen?

You’re walking back to the spot where you left your car, only to find it empty. Oops, must’ve parked it somewhere else, right? As you…

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White room interior decor with burning hand-made candle and bouquet of fresh roses on table, luxury home decorations in daylight closeup.

5 Common Home Insurance Claims in Alberta

There are plenty of reasons why a home insurance claim can happen including an accident, bad weather, poor maintenance, or a criminal act. In any…

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Thoughtful woman in the train looking through the window

Will travel insurance cover a cancelled trip?

Oftentimes, situations pop up and impede our plans when we least expect it. When it comes to vacations, you rarely anticipate the potential of having…

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beautiful woman sitting at the table and working at home

Do I need business insurance if I work from home?

Working from home can be fantastic – no commute, more flexibility, and working in your pyjamas, what else could you want? But with this freedom…

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Young female child waving and smiling at the camera while at the beach

5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

A vacation away from home is meant to be a time spent relaxing and enjoying yourself. But like anything else, your vacation has the potential…

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Exterior picture of a eco-friendly, minimalist vacation home. The siding is a combination of wood and concrete with a black slate roof and deck cover. There is a patio table set and a gently sloping lawn with trees in the background.

8 Factors Affecting Alberta Home Insurance Rates

There’s nothing like your home. It’s where you spend a lot of your time. It’s an investment. It’s your place of refuge. In Alberta, your…

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pictogram image on the street of a blue car with two people entering on either side, representing 'car sharing

Car-Sharing Insurance – Are You Covered?

Recently, car-sharing has taken off across Canada. You can “borrow” or rent a car for a fee determined by how long you use the car….

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aerial view of suburban neighborhood

Home-Sharing Insurance

Home-sharing is an alternative to hotels that allows visitors to a city to stay in a privately-owned room, apartment, or home. This phenomenon has exploded…

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