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Saskatchewan Home Insurance Broker

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Saskatchewan Home Insurance Broker

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Everything You Need to Know About Saskatchewan Home Insurance 

Saskatchewan is known in Canada for being a hub for vibrant arts and culture, with scenic provincial parks. It was also heralded as the birthplace of Medicare. If you’ve chosen to call Saskatchewan home, then you will need an insurance policy to protect your home and its contents.  

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Why Choose Sharp Insurance? 

Choosing to work with Sharp Insurance, one of Canada’s fastest-growing insurance brokerages, is a smart idea if you want exceptional customer service and someone to work on your behalf. With a tech-driven approach to insurance, we prioritize the client by making insurance more accessible through innovative tools, like our online portal and app. Secure your home with a reliable policy today.  

We’re independent. 

While we have partnerships with some of the top insurance companies in Canada, we work for you first. 

We’re competitive. 

Thanks to our many connections, we can acquire the best quotes from the most highly rated insurers on your behalf.

We’re experts. 

With in-depth industry knowledge, our highly trained brokers can give you the best advice for your well-deserved peace of mind. 

We’re digital. 

A digital-forward approach allows us to improve the access to your insurance policy documents.

What Does Saskatchewan Home Insurance Cover? 

Homeowners insurance is an umbrella term to encompass the following: tenant insurance, condo insurance and more. However, home insurance is different than tenant and condo insurance in that it also protects your physical dwelling — not just your liability and contents.

12 common insured perils you’ll find in a standard home insurance policy: 

  • Lightning 
  • Wind 
  • Hail 
  • Fire 
  • Smoke 
  • Vandalism, theft, riot and other malicious acts 
  • Explosion 
  • Electrical current 
  • Falling object 
  • Weight of snow (roof collapse) 
  • Impact of car or plane 
  • Water damage (depends on your policy) 

Ask a Sharp Insurance broker to walk you through your various home insurance coverage options. Our brokers explain your insurance policy details, so you’re never unclear about how you and your contents are covered.

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Top 3 Home Insurance Endorsements 

Standard home insurance may not cover everything you need it to, which is why it’s essential to know what coverage options you can add to your policy. Add-ons, also known as endorsements, can offer more complete coverage that extends beyond your standard home insurance policy in Saskatchewan. Ask a broker about the add-ons below.

Top three common endorsements for a home insurance policy: 

Sewer backup 

Beyond basic water damage coverage on a standard home insurance, this endorsement covers water damage from septic system seepage, backup or issues in the municipal sewer system causing backup and water damage to your home. 

Overland water damage 

Overland water damage covers flooding due to rainwater entering through your basement floors, rain accumulation, accidental dam break, overflow from lakes and rivers and more.

Earthquake and landslides 

Earthquakes and landslides are not common in the prairies, but their effects can be devastating. This endorsement covers damages resulting from earth movements.

Do you Need Home Insurance in Saskatchewan? 

Saskatchewan has a government insurance program (SGI) for mandatory auto insurance, but home insurance isn’t regulated the same way. While it isn’t mandatory, purchasing home insurance can go a long way toward preserving your financial security. Often, your lender will ask that you purchase home insurance to protect their investment while you’re paying off your home. 

Home insurance is a small price to pay compared with the potential losses you could have if you went without and had a loss. No one wants to spend their disposable income on rebuilding their home. Comprehensive insurance prevents you from suffering devastating financial setbacks.

Top 3 Reasons to Purchase Home Insurance in Saskatchewan 

  1. Your bank or financial institution requires you to carry coverage. 
  2. You don’t want to pay out-of-pocket to restore your home and its contents. 
  3. If someone sues or a third-party’s property is damaged, you won’t have to pay for legal bills or settlement costs.
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The Cost of Home Insurance in Saskatchewan

Here are some variables that may impact your home insurance rate in Saskatchewan: 

  • Your insurance and claims history 
  • Your credit rating 
  • Your home’s construction (materials and type) 
  • The size of your home 
  • How much it would cost to rebuild your home 
  • If you have a pool, trampoline or other risk 
  • If you have security or loss mitigation devices installed (e.g., burglar alarms, sump pumps) 
  • If you rent out a room or suite in your home 
  • Proximity to the nearest fire station and fire hydrant 
  • The claim and crime rate in your area 
  • The frequency and severity of natural disasters 
  • How close you are to risks like rivers 
  • Which discounts you’re eligible for 
  • Your policy options: loss settlement, policy limits, deductible and coverages 

In essence, this means you could have two homes side-by-side that have entirely different home insurance premiums. 

Choosing the Right Home Insurance in Saskatchewan

From your home to your commercial business, we offer competitive prices and coverage options to help you narrow down what you need. For many people, finding insurance can feel like a drag. We’re revolutionizing the insurance experience. We’ve innovated insurance in a way that makes it more accessible and more understandable, so our customers can get back to doing what they love.

Sharp Insurance is constantly evolving how it addresses the needs of their clients. Give us a call or get a free Saskatchewan home insurance quote by clicking the button below.


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