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Affordable Tenant & Renters Insurance in Ottawa

You’re a student renting a home with four other people close to school. What will happen if someone breaks in and steals your monthly rent money and expensive textbooks? How can you protect yourself? We provide you with options to keep you focused on what’s important for you.

How much will it cost for Tenant Insurance in Ottawa?

There is so much culture and entertainment to enjoy in the capital city that you don’t have time to worry about the price of insurance. While tenant insurance is relatively inexpensive, about $25 to $40 per month in Ottawa, it’s important to know what choices you have. You may only have five items to your name, or you’re a collector of pricey watches. Whether your expensive hobbies or habits, we help you find the right tenant insurance coverage to suit your lifestyle.

Did you know?

it costs more to buy a latte a day then to buy monthly tenant insurance. Your rates will differ from your neighbour’s payments, as your insurance rates will differ depending on many things beyond your control.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Tenant Insurance?

You have more choices then you think in life – this includes picking a stellar tenant insurance policy. Our brokers inform you about how your neighbourhood to how you live will affect your insurance rate.

Top 5 factors that affect your insurance rate:

  1. Your Deductible: if you choose a higher deductible amount, your insurance rates will generally be lower. We help you find a balance between a higher deductible and lower rate.
  2. Your Location: your neighborhood may have a high claim rate or crime rate. High rates will push up your insurance premium.
  3. Your Contents: how much insurance you need or want often depends on your personal belongings and what you think they’re worth. You may want insurance for a collection of expensive watches, for example, so you may take out special content limits under your policy.
  4. Your building’s condition: while your landlord has insurance for the building or home you live in, your tenant insurance rates may reflect the property you live in. An older building or structure, for example, may have an increased risk of claims, so your insurer may price your premium higher.
  5. Your financial picture: if you’re in debt or you’ve missed payments, you’re at a higher risk of incurring a loss and submitting a claim. A person with a higher risk for a loss will be charged higher insurance rates.

What Does My Tenant Insurance Cover?


Get the Right Tenant Insurance Coverage in Ottawa

Getting the right tenant insurance coverage in Ottawa is the perfect mix of protection and price.

Do I Need Tenant Insurance in Ottawa?

It’s easy to avoid paying for an insurance policy if you don’t have one. But after you lose the belongings that you cherish the most, you’ll realize how quick and easy it is to get protection against major risks. You decide whether your items are worth protecting. What about that party you had the other night; what if someone had hurt themselves and sued you. Renters insurance is not just about the items you’ve invested in over the years, but it’s also about liability issues – and lawyer fees. Don’t get left with an insurance bill and a student loan. Let one of our brokers walk you through our best solutions.

What are the different Levels of Tenant Coverage?


3 Levels of Tenant Coverage

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How Do I Get Tenant Insurance in Ottawa?