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Life Changes, Your Insurance Should Too.



Has your driving situation changed? Are you no longer driving to work or using your car often? We may be able to save you money on your insurance

All you need to do is hit the button below and take our 1-minute Driving assessment tool, and we’ll take care of the rest. Changes may take up to 30 days to process due to the volume of requests.

Important Information About Your Insurance

Aviva is freezing any premium increases at renewal, meaning customers will keep the same auto insurance premiums for their next 12-month policy term, until further notice (please note if you have recent claims or tickets, this may not apply).

For customers who are experiencing financial stress due to COVID-19, they can call their broker or agent to defer premium payments for up to 90 days without additional fee or penalty.

Aviva Canada will also waive non-sufficient funds fees for those unable to make payments and continue to provide coverage during this time.

Customers who have stopped driving entirely can reduce their auto insurance premiums by up to 75% by applying Aviva’s new #StayHome endorsement.