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Side Jobs Help Support People During Covid 

Whether your goal is to start a side gig to make extra money or to share a passion project, you are not alone.

As unemployment rates continue to rise in Alberta, some people have pivoted and created online businesses to make ends meet or have taken their hobbies to a whole new level.

Sharp Side Gigs

A side gig, a business started when you’re working full-time, is nothing new. Working a second job is common and can be a way to make extra money, be fun, and be a growth opportunity.

At Sharp, we have several employees who have interesting side gigs. From a woodworker, podcaster, and grape auditor, we sure have a creative group.

Below we feature two Sharp employees who have started businesses. We hope this article will inspire you to go after your hobby or interest you have been dreaming of turning into a side business.

Skin Care

Ulana’s interest in skincare started as a teenager when she experienced skin sensitivity and acne. After many unsuccessful efforts to clear her skin with mainstream products, she decided to make a face cleanser using natural ingredients, such as banana and avocado.

Since Ulana made her business official in 2016, she has been offering an entire line of skincare products online and in shops scattered around Calgary.

Her wildcrafted skincare line focuses on using organic natural plant-based ingredients, like lavender oil and aloe vera, safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. All products are packaged in eco-friendly glass bottles. The ingredients are sourced from local vendors, creating an affordable line of cleansers, toners, and serums (great for anti-ageing).

Despite the usual small bumps along the journey of owning her own business, Ulana’s side gig is providing her with an outlet for her passion and at the same time helping people get clear, glowing skin.


Market and Café

What is better than stopping at a café for delicious Turkish coffee and a croissant? You can find gems like vintage jewelry and amazing food from different countries in the local collective market.

Located in Calgary’s inner-city since 2019, the eclectic and unique market and café, named Sawa, offers a myriad of goods for all taste buds and interests.

Sawa means “together,” and the multi-cultural business walks the talk. The couple-owned business support 42 + local small business owners through their market, starting a revolution in the café industry.

Customers get a fun experience. Walking into Sawa is like travelling without leaving the city; you will taste delicious food and drinks from many countries that the owners have experienced over the years. And don’t forget to browse the other products they offer, such as art, bath and relaxation, and tea, among many others.

You can find Nicole and her husband Ibrahim at their market and café Sawa.

How to Get Small Business Insurance

Do you have a side hustle that focuses on your hobby or work after-hours at your burgeoning empire? Then you will need professional liability insurance.

Why? Some of our customers say they want peace of mind. For others, insurance is essential for the growth of their business. Without adequate insurance, a company could lose everything.

But you don’t have to run a storefront business to require insurance. An online website selling products or services can encounter liability issues that can ruin or tarnish a successful company. Stop taking unnecessary risks and go for the best coverage for your business.

Find out more about Sharp business insurance here.

We’d love to hear about your side gig! If you want some ideas about creating a side gig, read this article.