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Family preparing for wildfires

Preparing for Wildfires: A Guide to Staying Safe and Ready

With the current wildfires raging through Northern Alberta and parts of British Columbia, it’s crucial now more than ever to be prepared. At Sharp Insurance, we prioritize your safety and peace of mind. This guide is designed to help you know what steps to take in the event of wildfires near your area or if you face an evacuation order.


Stay Informed and Ready

First and foremost, stay informed. Monitor local news and official announcements regularly to keep abreast of the wildfire situation. Websites and apps dedicated to emergency alerts can be lifesavers during such crises. Always have an emergency kit ready. Your kit should include essentials like water, food, medications, important documents and a first aid kit.


Create a Safety Plan

Having a safety plan is non-negotiable. Discuss with your family or housemates about what to do and where to go if you need to evacuate. Practice your escape routes and designate a meeting point outside your neighborhood in case of separation. Remember, preparation is key.


Protect Your Home from Wildfires

If time and safety permit, take steps to protect your home from wildfires. Clear away dry vegetation around your property, use fire-resistant materials for roofing and siding, and ensure that your gutters are clean. These measures can significantly reduce the risk of fire damage.


Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Awareness of your insurance coverage is critical in times of crisis. Review your policy to understand what is covered in the event of a wildfire. Sharp Insurance clients can rest assured that we’re here to support you every step of the way. Whether it’s assessing your coverage or helping you file a claim, our team is ready to help.


If You Need to Evacuate

Should you receive an evacuation order, act quickly. Wear protective clothing, take your emergency kit and follow the evacuation routes specified by local authorities. Prioritize your safety above all else. Once you’re safe, you can contact us at Sharp Insurance for assistance and support.


After the Wildfire

Returning home after wildfires can be emotionally taxing. Ensure it’s safe to return by following official advice. When you do return, document any damage to your property before initiating clean-up efforts. Remember, our team at Sharp Insurance is here to assist you throughout the process.


Stay safe, stay prepared and remember, Sharp Insurance is with you every step of the way.