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E-Scooter Insurance: Am I covered?

E-scooters appeared on the streets of Montreal and Calgary recently and they’re proving to be incredibly popular. While these e-scooters are limited to 20km/h, it seems that’s plenty fast enough to cause some injuries

  • Damage to the scooter
  • Damage to other property
  • Injury to rider
  • Injury to another person

Insurance provided by Lime/Byrd

Home/Renter/Condo Insurance

Seemingly overnight, dozens of new additions have popped up on our city sidewalks, bike racks and bike paths. What are they? Lime Bikes are the first major step in Calgary’s new bike share program. The city recently approved some 375 electric-assist bicycles so that Calgarians and visitors can use them (so long as they have the app). Yep, that’s right – the new Lime Bikes are rented through an app. You’ll have to buy a certain amount of credits before you can use them on a bike around the city of your choice. Luckily, their bright green colour makes them pretty easy to spot. If you can’t find one, the app will actually help you find the nearest bike available using your location.

After you’ve located a bike, you’ll need to scan the barcode with your app. Then you just adjust the seat to your preference, pop on a helmet, and get going to where you’ve got to be. Just be mindful of your time: Lime Bikes cost a flat rate of $1 and an additional $0.30 per every minute you’re riding.  Be careful where you park, too. The Lime website has strict regulations as to where you can park in the city of Calgary and encourages riders to use proper hand signals.

So what’s there to know when it comes to insurance? Well…

Lime Carries All Necessary Insurance That Law Requires

According to its user agreement, Lime states that it will carry all required insurance that the law decrees.  However, as a rider, you agree to pay any fines, penalties, fees, impounding charges, court expenses, tolls, traffic tickets and whatever charges you may incur as a result of parking your Lime Bike improperly or in a manner/location that violates the law. Under Lime’s user agreement, you are fully responsible for any losses, damage, liability or claims that may arise from your use of Lime Bikes.

There is no requirement to purchase E-Bike insurance. Due to their novelty, many insurance companies do not currently offer specific policies for electronic bicycles such as the ones that Lime produces and offers for use to their members. It may be possible that some existing homeowner’s policy will cover damage to Lime E-Bikes and third party liability. Optionally, an umbrella policy may be purchased by a Lime User to provide this type of protection.

While Lime Bikes are largely used by individuals who do not own cars, an existing vehicle insurance policy may be extended to possibly cover the Bike. Alternatively, a brand new motorcycle policy could be purchased which can offer accident benefits coverage if the user is injured while using their Lime Bike. This depends on the policy, however.

The Lowdown on Lime Bike Insurance

When in doubt, speak to your insurance broker. You may want to ask them numerous questions regarding Lime Bikes, such as:

  • If your policy will include accident benefits coverage should you be injured while riding;
  • If your policy will offer liability coverage if you are sued as a result of an incident;
  • If your policy covers damage to another vehicle; and
  • If you may need to purchase an endorsement or additional policy to cover the usage of E-Bikes.

In order to maximize your safety while making use of Lime Bikes and other E-Bike sharing services around Calgary, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations as listed on the company’s website. Also, contact your insurance broker to discuss whether you might require additional coverage in order to be insured for anything that might happen while using these Bikes. Be safe and ride with caution.