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Alberta Commercial Auto Insurance Broker

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Alberta Commercial Auto Insurance Broker

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Commercial Auto Insurance in Alberta

Commercial auto insurance in Alberta isn’t just for companies that use large fleets for moving or delivering goods. Businesses often use vehicles for a variety of purposes, to transport employees from worksite to worksite or to transport clients. A huge part of your business may rest on the usage of your commercial vehicles, so it’s essential to find an insurance policy that suits your business needs.

It’s mandatory to have a commercial auto insurance policy for your company’s motorized vehicles in Alberta. Your personal car insurance policy won’t cover you for a financial loss if your company cars are damaged in a collision or hailstorm. Commercial auto insurance in Alberta protects your business from a wide array of different perils.

Sharp Insurance helps you find the right commercial auto insurance that suits your needs as a business owner. No matter who drives your commercial vehicles, accidents happen. Protect yourself now from the unexpected later. Work with our commercial auto insurance brokers in Alberta to find customized insurance solutions for your business.

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What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover in Alberta?

In Alberta, basic automobile insurance, includes:

Third-party liability

Coverage includes third-party injuries to someone else’s property or a person. It also covers legal fees if your business is sued after an insured loss.

Accident benefits

Financial protection if you or your staff are injured in an accident.

Property damage

Direct compensation covers repair costs to your vehicles if they are involved in an accident (at-fault or partially at-fault accidents).

Optional Commercial Auto Insurance in Alberta 

Collision and comprehensive coverage options are often sold together in a commercial auto insurance policy, but it’s always smart to ask one of our Sharp auto brokers for help to get what you need.

Here are two optional commercial insurance options:

Collision or upset

This optional coverage protects you from repair or replacement costs for your company’s vehicles if they are involved in a collision (physical damage costs) with another vehicle or object (signage, fences and street signs).

Comprehensive coverage

A non-collision option covers you for physical damage expenses from fire, theft, vandalism, hail damage, storm damage, falling objects and more.

Alberta Commercial Auto Insurance FAQs

Commercial vehicle insurance rates are dependent on many factors, including the type of business you own and how often you use your vehicles. You are required to carry the provincial minimum for commercial auto insurance, but options on top of that are entirely your decision. As such, you can expect costs to vary based on some of these factors:

  • Your company’s industry
  • Insurance history
  • Claims experience
  • How many vehicles you own
  • Vehicle usage
  • How far you drive
  • Geographical location
  • Make and model of vehicles

When you’re looking for ways to budget, saving on commercial auto insurance in Alberta is best done by working with a Sharp Insurance broker. See below for some advice to lower your insurance rates:

  • Raise your deductible amount
  • Bundle multiple commercial policies through a single provider
  • Work with a broker to help you shop around for better rates
  • Drive safely
  • Regular maintenance and inspections on company vehicles

Any business that owns one or more vehicles as part of their business operations needs commercial auto insurance in Alberta, as stated under the Insurance Act. Examples include delivery and transportation companies. It’s illegal to operate any motorized vehicle without valid insurance, which for commercial automobiles means a commercial auto insurance policy. In Alberta, the following industries may need commercial vehicle insurance:

  • Movers
  • Construction companies
  • Delivery companies
  • Retailers
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Contractors
  • Taxi services

A standard Alberta commercial auto insurance policy may cover:

  • Third-party liability: protection for the insured due to damages caused to another person or their property.
  • Accident benefits: compensates the occupants of the vehicle and any pedestrians if they are injured. Benefits include medical costs.
  • Collision coverage: covers the cost of repairing your vehicle due to damages caused by a collision with another vehicle/object.
  • Comprehensive coverage: optional coverage includes the costs to repair your vehicle for damages not caused by a collision, such as theft, fire and vandalism.

Commercial auto insurance in Alberta excludes damages to personal and leased vehicles being used for business purposes. This type of insurance also excludes wear and tear and intentional acts. Contact a Sharp Insurance broker today for a run down on what is excluded from a general commercial auto insurance policy.

Yes. In Alberta, all motorized vehicles must hold a commercial vehicle insurance policy.

Typically, commercial auto insurance policies offer an array of deductible options. You choose one option at the time of purchase, but you can change your deductible amount any time. The higher the deductible, the lower your premiums will be. Read our blog to find 10 ways to lower your insurance rate.

Glass coverage is an optional addition to your existing commercial auto insurance policy in Alberta. It’s ideal to purchase glass coverage as an add-on so that glass claims won’t affect your future auto insurance premiums. Ask a Sharp Insurance broker for more details.

Why Choose Sharp Insurance 

Sharp Insurance is one of Canada’s fastest growing brokerages and it has what it takes to protect your vehicles and your business with a sound commercial auto insurance policy. Look to Sharp Insurance for expert advice, unbeatable service and unparalleled insurance solutions.

Three reasons why you should choose Sharp Insurance for your commercial auto insurance in Alberta:


With our large network of insurance providers, we give you with the best options for your unique business needs.

Expert Advice and Customer Service

We offer you risk management recommendations and updates.

Save Money

As your broker, we shop around for the best current deals on the market. No questions asked.

Our philosophy is to provide customers with impeccable service. We listen to our customers’ needs so we can give them the best possible service.

How Do I Get a Commercial Vehicle Quote in Alberta?

Protect your company vehicles, as they are a big part of your company’s investments. Get a free commercial auto insurance quote in Alberta today by contacting one of our skilled Sharp Insurance brokers.

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