Medo Driving School

  • Medo driving school is certified by Alberta government.

  • Our instructors are caring , patient and respectful.

  • Our professional instructors can deal with students who afraid of driving , by the end of course our instructors can make you confident.

  • We help you to drive safe on residential areas , highways and downtown . Our professional instructors will help you to control car on different roads.

  • We can pick-up and drop-off for driving lessons city-wide.

  • Our schedule is flexible, so you can drive all week . We work evenings and weekends.

  • We offer competitive and realistic prices , Our courses are affordable for you with high quality.

  • We can help our students to finish driving course in short period and take your road test.

  • We offer new cars , so you will enjoy driving our safe cars.

  • We prepare our students for road test.

  • Car renting is available for road test ( Chrysler 200 ).

  • Our instructors will teach you what to do when emergency vehicle approaches.

  • During course we help you to read and know signs and line markings.

  • You will gain confidence in parking , we teach you all types of parking during course.

  • Our instructors speak in a clear and easily understandable way This may be particularly relevant if English is not your first language.


Calgary, AB
Medo Driving School

10% OFF Any Driving Class Package

10% OFF Any Driving Class Package

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