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Avoid Pricey Vet Bills with a Petsecure Insurance Policy

Why Petsecure?

As a pet owner, your dog or cat is one of your most precious family members. We want you to care for your animal without breaking the bank.

You may be working at home, but your pets still need regular health checks and sometimes emergency visits. Petsecure, Sharp’s preferred pet insurance provider, lessens the uncertainty to care for your pet and sets you and your pet family up for success.

Avoid Pricey Vet Bills

A rise in animal care costs and other demands on home life can pile up. Don’t land in debt to care for your feline or pup – it’s an extra stress you don’t need.

Get a pet health insurance plan that lessens your money woes and insures a healthy animal.

A Happy, Healthy Pet

We know taking care of your fur kid is a priority but it’s often time consuming. Cat owners have to be extra vigilant to spot when their cats are not feeling well. A last-minute trip to the animal hospital is never easy with a dog or cat.

Get your pet care needs taken care of right away, without thinking twice about paying the vet bill.

Ease the Worry

Pet insurance allows you to focus on giving your pet the love and care it needs without any surprise costs.

There is nothing worse than an unexpected visit to the vet and coming home with a huge bill and a recovering pup or cat.

Did You Know

The annual cost of caring for a puppy in Canada in 2020 was $4,287 during the first year of ownership. Pet insurance can help you cover the costs related to taking care of your puppy; the reason why insurance is essential at every stage of a pet’s life.

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