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Rear View Of A Shocked Man Standing In Parking Lot After His Car Was Stolen

Am I Covered if My Car is Stolen?

You’re walking back to the spot where you left your car, only to find it empty. Oops, must’ve parked it somewhere else, right? As you…

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Rear View Of Couple On Road Trip Driving Classic Convertible Car Towards Sunset

10 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Rates in Alberta

You’ve probably noticed an increase in your car insurance rates in Alberta over the last few years. Unfortunately, vehicles are more expensive than ever to…

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pictogram image on the street of a blue car with two people entering on either side, representing 'car sharing

Car-Sharing Insurance – Are You Covered?

Recently, car-sharing has taken off across Canada. You can “borrow” or rent a car for a fee determined by how long you use the car….

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A variety of models of black and white cars parked end to end, filling the frame.

The 5 Biggest Reasons Alberta Auto Insurance Rates Are Increasing

J.D Power’s 2019 Canada Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study released on February 14, 2019, stated that Alberta has seen the largest jump in its average for…

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Smiling male sitting behind the wheel of his car. He is holding out a cardboard box with food towards the passenger window.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Small Businesses Explained

One of the most common questions our brokers get is “Do I need commercial vehicle insurance for my small business?” Unfortunately, there is a lot…

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Two boys are smiling as they lean out of the rental car's windows as they enjoy the evening sun on their summer vacation.

Do I need rental car insurance for summer vacation?

Renting a car during your summer vacation can make your trip one to remember: you can go at your own pace, explore off the beaten…

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Cannabis legalization and your insurance: What you need to know

On October 17, 2018, the Government of Canada legalized and regulated access to cannabis. This legislation will: Allow adults to possess up to 30 grams…

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Calgary and area heavy snowfall: Claims Information

If you were affected by the recent heavy snowfall in Calgary and the surrounding areas and need to begin a home or car insurance claim,…

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10 ways to save money on your car insurance – guaranteed!

Why pay more for the same coverage, when you can pay less? Learn our insider tips on how to save on your car insurance.

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